How to Find a Good Mobile Application Developer


Mobile apps increase sales, foster loyalty and open new frontiers for eCommerce applications such as monetizing faster deliveries, personalizing products and arranging special logistics. Apps help global customers order products in their native languages and dialects. Finding the right mobile app developer is critical because apps reflect on a company’s reputation and professionalism--even companies with a laid-back philosophy or casual concept. The app needs to work perfectly even while recommending casual or “fun” products. The customers must be satisfied enough to use the app, and the app must satisfy the company’s business needs.

That’s why it’s important to choose the right developer to build a mobile app. The competition in the mobile marketplace is intense. A Deloitte study found that people look at their phone screens an average of 47 times each day. About 80 percent of people look at their phones before bed and first thing the next morning. [1] Zenith Media forecasts that mobile usage of the internet will reach 79 percent of all browsing by the end of 2018.

Things to Look for When Choosing a Mobile App Developer

The need for a developer varies depending on whether a company churns out simple apps or needs a B2B app that integrates with the company’s ERP and CRM software to provide customers with lots of advanced capabilities. Some apps might even be built by in-house IT staff using some of the app development resources that are available, but an experienced mobile app development company can solve problems, build faster and train staff members to take over later. If a business wants to offer lots of options for customers, it’s important for it to choose a respected company. There are many app developers ranked on the site, but many of these companies just build apps. [2] Really powerful apps should be designed by a comprehensive developer that understands B2B needs and integration challenges.

The following are a few of the criteria to consider before hiring a developer:

Is the app for iOS, Android or both?

  • Is the app for iOS, Android or both? Some companies only design for one operating system. Most B2B organizations want to develop apps that work on all systems.

How experienced is the developer?

  • How experienced is the developer? B2B experience is essential. Creative coders might be excellent at designing games but not have a clue about B2B customer needs.

Are the a full service shop?

  • Can they design the wireframes and mockups for the user experience before building the actual application?

Are they certified on the platform used?

  • The first thing Clarity did after choosing Xamarin as their chosen development platform, was to get their staff certified, ensuring that you get a competent team.

How is the company’s reputation for collaboration?

  • How is the company’s reputation for collaboration? It’s important to hire a developer that will work as a partner, help to train staff and incorporate company ideas and feedback into the app’s design. The testing and debugging of an app requires lots of collaborative work.

Does the company handle other development work?

  • Does the company handle other development work? The best B2B mobile app development company is one that can handle many interrelated issues such as web design, site architecture, security and integration.

Are you personally comfortable with the company’s development team?

  • Are you personally comfortable with the company’s development team? Companies should choose developers based on being able to work with their teams. Mobile app development usually takes prolonged development, upgrades and new iterations. It’s important to find a compatible team that will likely be around when needed.

Design is a big priority, so choosing a team experienced in website design is a big plus. The best developers create a pleasing design, but they also work hard to deliver a functional design that provides a great customer experience.

Xamarin Mobile App Development

Xamarin is a respected platform for mobile app development that helps companies slash their budgets. Xamarin mobile app development helps companies develop multiple iterations of apps for each operating system. Instead of creating new code for each system, the platform enables lots of shortcuts by reusing up to 80 percent or more of existing code across all the platforms built on (Windows, iOS, Android). Xamarin also provides superior testing options for all types of devices and operating systems. It can be one of the biggest benefits to hire a developer that uses Xamarin. Xamarin was so successful, that Microsoft acquired them to become their mobile development platform. Xamarin is now part of the developers MSDN library. The company’s staff and the development team can work collaboratively on the project using Xamarin and save lots of money on the costs.

Monetization of Proprietary Apps

Many companies offer their apps free to customers because of the marketing and sales benefits, but companies can still monetize their apps with various strategies. Good developers can advise you on whether to do so. Many companies monetize their apps after the point of purchase by educating customers about the app’s value. Specialty apps can earn money with advertising, sponsorships, partnerships, in-app purchases, SMS marketing and premium versions that provide high-end features.

Choosing a Mobile App Developer for a Long-term Relationship

Doing the research to find a collaborative partner with B2B development experience can save money, eliminate difficulties and enable cross-development for multiple marketing channels. Clarity fields a team of experts certified on Xamarin and highly experienced in coding, business and app development, platform design and application integration. Why choose a partner who only specializes in one area of digital marketing when you can get a team of seasoned business developers? Give Clarity a call today to discuss your mobile application.



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