Important CMS Considerations for eCommerce Sites

Six Things to Keep in Mind when Selecting a CMS for eCommerce

Selecting a content management system for your eCommerce website

CMS for eCommerceWith a wide selection of content management systems (CMS) available, it can be difficult to choose which one to build your eCommerce website on. While you may already be comfortable using a certain CMS, that doesn’t mean it’s the right one for the business. There are several factors to consider before selecting a CMS to build your eCommerce site on.


One of first things to take in consideration when choosing a CMS is security. Customers are going to trust your eCommerce site with some of their most personal information and expect for it to be kept safe. When looking at potential CMSs, security needs to be one of your top concerns.


For your eCommerce site to be successful, customers have to be able to easily find it using search engines. The CMS that you decide to use needs to be search engine friendly. The URLs that are created need to be keyword rich and the meta tags need to be relevant. You need a CMS that is working with, not against you, to make your eCommerce site optimized for search engines.


eCommerce businesses rely on multiple software and programs such as CRMs and ERPs, to help them run smoothly. Your CMS needs to be able to easily integrate with those programs as well as your eCommerce platform. A CMS that doesn’t integrate well is useless to your to business and can even hinder your processes. The system that you choose as the backbone of your eCommerce site must be able to integrate seamlessly with your software and eCommerce platform.


The flexibility of the content management systems need to be considered when choosing your CMS. Some CMSs allow you to easily change looks, layouts and functions while others keep you boxed in. Content sharing and page templates can save you time when creating new pages. Picking a flexible CMS will allow you to change what you want without being limited to a few options.


When choosing your CMS, you also need to look at the extensibility of the systems. While most CMSs can handle certain functions, there usually comes an instance when you have to extend the programming and functions to fit your website. APIs (application programming interfaces) can enhance your eCommerce site in a huge number of ways. Some CMSs allow you to easily do this while others don’t, it is important that you select the former in order to help your eCommerce business.

CMS scalabilityScalability

When starting an eCommerce website, it is important to consider its future. Are you looking to grow big? Do you possibly want to go global? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you need to choose a scalable CMS. Your eCommerce website needs to be able to grow and expand to handle a large number of customers and visitors without crashing your site. Planning ahead and selecting a scalable CMS option will save you from any issues in the future.

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