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Improve Inventory Management with Syspro Integration


Automating inventory management is just one of the extraordinary benefits of a Syspro ecommerce integration. The role of inventory is one of the most important in any business operation. In B2B sales where inventory often runs into hundreds or thousands of product units, maintaining inventory in balance to meet demand without carrying too much dead inventory is truly critical. integration of ERP software and business applications enables automation, inventory optimization, greater visibility of supply and demand and improved stock quantities, which can be shared in real time with your customers and partners.

How to Improve Managing Your Inventory

Syspro offers a suite of tools for controlling and managing inventory and the supply chain for maximum efficiency. Specialty modules enable B2B organization to make sales forecasts, identify the most profitable and fast-moving items and perform many critical inventory-related functions. The modules integrate seamlessly into Syspro ERP and deliver these additional benefits for automating inventory management and taking control of the process:

  • Achieve optimum inventory levels at different warehouses and brick-and-mortar locations
  • Manage losses and obsolescence
  • Analyze processes to determine more effective ways to handle stock such as increasing lead time, varying supply-and-demand, providing special environmental controls, etc.
  • Improving the procurement process
  • Reducing excessive inventory, helping to eliminate dead inventory
  • Tracing supplies and inventory throughout the manufacturing and sales processes

As companies grow, inventory needs change. The dynamic process must be carefully managed to deliver optimal results, and Syspro ecommerce integration can help any company improve its profitability, carry enough inventory to meet demand and provide real-time plans so that customers can meet their own inventory needs.

Superior Supply Chain Performance

All B2B companies face risks that they can’t control when maintaining inventory such as natural disasters, political turmoil and problems obtaining raw materials, products and components. However, Syspro integration enables companies to balance their supply chain risks with their investment in their operating platform. Increased communication and supplier integrations on the site help companies anticipate problems, find workarounds, speed resupply and manage compliance issues that could affect inventory management.

Key benefits of managing the supply chain proactively through integration include:

  • Allowing supply chain partners greater visibility into inventory levels to guide their own planning
  • Providing sophisticated analytics to forecast market trends and identify opportunities and threats in the supply chain
  • Helping manufacturers bring together everything needed for a production run without assembly line delays that cost money
  • Managing faster product development cycles more efficiently
  • Partnering with suppliers to move products rapidly before they become obsolete in today’s fast-moving markets
  • Managing omnichannel sales efficiently
  • Saving money by routing and shipping in the most efficient manner possible

Proactive supply chain management is easy when companies operate from a fully integrated platform. Built-in interfaces and/or stakeholder portals can make it easy to connect with vendors, suppliers, transportation companies, warehouses, distributors and other elements of the supply chain.

One study shows that 79 percent of high-performing supply chains are earning higher profits than the industry average. Fully integrated companies earn even more by outpacing their competitors by a 20-percent average. [1] The study also found that inventory counts are accurate only 63 percent of the time. Those three stats make a strong case for ERP integration and proactive supply chain management.

Managing Multiple Operations for Today’s Omnichannel Experience

Inventory touches on every area of B2B marketing, but it’s only one of the areas that benefit from integration. Some of the most compelling benefits of integration include:

Better Manufacturing and Distributing

  • Companies that manufacture their own products have different needs than resellers. Integrating manufacturing modules can optimize production, manage the needs of distributors and help internal departments collaborate more closely on meeting the product needs of their customers.

Managing Compliance Issues

  • Many industries have compliance issues they must follow. Every B2B company must protect customer financial data with a secure website. Integrating outside connections in the API layer provides an extra layer of security where data can be verified and validated before being accepted into the system. Tracking materials, products and lots is important in some industries where compliance guidelines require this capability. integration allows companies to substantiate their compliance efforts, track systems, schedule maintenance, track faulty parts and components and incorporate any new regulations or changes in old ones. This is especially important for global marketers because they might need to satisfy the regulations of many countries and districts.

Expanded Sales Opportunities

  • integration helps B2B companies manage omnichannel sales in forums like marketplace platforms. integration automates managing multiple locations, warehouses, branch offices, marketplace sales and sales in other sales channels such as brick-and-mortar stores, social media pages, trade shows and others. Marketplace sales in the B2B sphere are increasing rapidly, and more and more B2B companies are showing and selling their products through third-channel partnerships. [2]

Easy integration for Better Inventory Management

Although Syspro offers modules that are easy to integrate seamlessly into the ERP, there are always development issues to manage when trying to integrate Syspro into a B2B or enterprise ecommerce or marketplace. That’s where Clarity, with their ecommerce and integration platforms excel. That’s why it makes sense to partner with an experienced developer, like Clarity, to manage your site architecture, web design and customer-facing technology such as customer portals, proprietary apps, user interface and website features. The right partner can ensure that your integration goes smoothly and that your staff is ready to handle your site’s new capabilities while you improve managing your inventory to increase profits.



[1] 15 supply chain management statistics that may surprise you

[2] Manufacturers Reap Benefits From Selling Direct

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