Improve Sales & Customer Satisfaction with a Dynamics AX Integration



Microsoft Dynamics AX users face a paradigm challenge in B2B sales--whether to continue with a technological handicap or to embrace technology to improve sales with a Dynamics AX integration. Software alone, no matter how advanced and intuitive, can't deliver the kind of customer experiences that professional B2B buyers demand. Custom integration drives business success in dozens of big and small ways.

How Important Is Dynamics AX eCommerce Integration?

Integration unifies all front-office and back-office business processes in a simplified management system. Information only needs to be entered one time into the system, and it's transmitted everywhere the information is needed or useful. Integration improves the customer self-service experience, increases sales revenue, streamlines internal management and ensures the highest level of data integrity in actionable intelligence and customer behavioral insights.

Companies can improve sales with a Dynamics AX integration in many ways. These include automating and personalizing marketing communications, integrating customer-facing phone apps into the system, delivering a more personalized buying experience and providing real-time inventory data to drive sales conversions. The sales benefits of a fully customized integration include:

  • Streamlining the ordering process to prevent sales churn
  • Managing online and offline sales and inventory seamlessly
  • Creating content for B2B catalogs, sub catalogs and updates automatically regardless of the number of SKUs
  • Selling products in multiple channels, including specialized marketplace platforms
  • Automating self-service functions such as invoice payment-creation, calculating product and shipping costs, adding taxes and duties, translating content for foreign buyers and making accurate currency conversions

Microsoft AX eCommerce software has many features that simplify ordering, target customers for custom marketing communications and gather insights into B2B buyers at each level of the decision-making process. Custom interfaces and customer portals can store the most critical buyer information to make product recommendations, create custom displays, provide incentives and foster easier product searches. These efficiencies increase customer satisfaction with Dynamics AX.

One report found that 100 percent of consumers cheat on their favorite stores. [1] Customer loyalty can be difficult to maintain in today's digital atmosphere of instant gratification. B2B buyers often demonstrate greater loyalty that B2c consumers, but that's based on the customer experience more than price or product quality. Integration delivers a consistent and appealing customer experience that builds and maintains buyer loyalty.

Integrating eCommerce and Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP Software

One of the most critical issues for B2B companies is how well their ERP software is integrated with their eCommerce platform. A custom integration makes it possible to integrate any eCommerce software into a seamless sales system where each business application can communicate back and forth with any other. Integration reduces or eliminates manual data entry tasks, improves information quality, makes catalog management simpler and connects with CRM software to merge customer insights with back-office accounting. Other eCommerce benefits of integrating with eCommerce platforms include:

  • Simplified and expedited price quotes
  • Automatic application of all valid incentives, discounts and price quotes
  • Synchronized and correct data (client’s input their own email, phone, address, etc.)
  • Automated data transfers between eCommerce software and other applications
  • Ability to set rules and customer preferences such as credit limits, preferred shippers, limited ordering options, etc.

Automating Sales Order Processing

Simple sales order processing isn't all that simple. B2B companies deal with buying committees of multiple decision-makers, complex purchase order processes, special shipping needs, reordering needs and logistical issues. Microsoft Dynamics AX software can automate most sales order processes when fully integrated. These include validating order information, processing and sending invoices in real-time, checking inventory and scheduling deliveries more efficiently based on warehouse data.

Managing Maintenance, Service and Manufacturing Operations

Companies that manufacture products face other imperatives such as scheduling on-time production runs with minimal delays. Just-in-time manufacturing depends on an integrated system where elements of the supply chain, the materials management system and production staff meet seamlessly to reduce the delays that result in higher production costs. Even a delay of minutes can prove expensive when people stand around waiting for supplies or equipment maintenance. The abilities of integrated manufacturing software not only reduce costs but also increase quality with automated quality control systems, tracking and regulatory compliance management.

Maintenance and service delivery are associated areas of concern. Manufacturers often offer contract maintenance plans and on-time services to their clients. The efficiencies of custom integration deliver outstanding customer experiences in both mobile and office computing environments.

Managing Inventory

Managing inventory in the B2B environment can be crucial to business success. Companies need to identify their fastest moving items to keep inventory levels high enough to satisfy product demand without carrying dead inventory, reducing cash flow and tying up capital. Integrating Dynamics AX eCommerce provides real-time inventory management tools that keep customers informed of any problems. Forecasts based on market trends, seasonal fluctuations and customer ordering habits can be highly accurate. Cross-functional teams can view identical data in real-time, which makes inventory management more professional when managing procurement groups, non-procurement customers, distributors and omnichannel sales platforms.

Increase Customer Satisfaction with Dynamics AX Software and Integration

About 91 percent of unhappy customers won't buy from you again. [2] However, 70 percent of customers who complain will buy if their complaints are addressed in a timely way. Integration improves customer service, expands self-service options and creates a transparent system that your customers understand and appreciate. A custom integration connects every system in your business operation to foster greater efficiency, higher conversion rates, automated collection of marketing data and faster ordering and fulfillment. Clarity, with their Clarity Connect integration platform, can integrate your Dynamics AX ERP with any line of business application, including their own Clarity eCommerce.



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