Improve Sales & Customer Satisfaction with a Syspro Integration



Syspro eCommerce integration melds the front- and back-office seamlessly into a B2B juggernaut for global sales, lead generation, lead nurturing and delivering exceptional customer experiences. Internally, B2B companies can use integration to streamline administration, improve data quality, reduce labor costs and even optimize onboarding processes so that employees can fill out and check their own HR data for errors, misspellings, etc.

Improve Customer Satisfaction w/ Syspro

it's easy to improve customer satisfaction with Syspro integration--most processes become automated, reliable and fast. Syspro software can serve as the backbone of a company's B2B marketing efforts. Integration depends heavily on back-office software to automate customer-centric features such as access to records, customized displays, personalized recommendations and multiple options for shipping, researching products and serving the needs of specific stakeholders in B2B buying committees.

Some of the key benefits of Syspro eCommerce integration for generating customer satisfaction include:

Better Inventory Management

  • B2B customers depend on real-time inventory counts and accurate estimates of when out-of-stock products will be replaced. Customers can arrange LTL shipping, split shipping and drop shipping to fulfill their needs regardless of whether all the needed products are in stock.

Responsive Design

  • Full integration enables responsive, or adjustable, design that displays pages optimally on any device or browser. Mobile-friendly displays are increasingly important because B2B buyers research and buy products on their phones. Buyers are more likely to order products on their phones than on other devices but only if the displays are intuitive and customized for easy ordering. [1]

Payment Options

  • Customers appreciate a robust payment system that offers them multiple payment options such as POs, company credit accounts, third-party payment services, direct bank transfers, online checks and traditional credit and debit cards. Clarity eCommerce provides three out-of-the-box pricing models, so whether you use flat pricing, pricing rules or multi-tiered pricing tables within your Syspro, Clarity can integrate and provide real-time tiered pricing to your customers and partners.

Built-in Customer Service

  • B2B companies can offer their customers more ways to communicate, request customer service and find answers to their own questions through self-service functions.

Increase Sales Conversions and Revenue

Integration and automation can increase sales conversions in multiple ways. Automation can create targeted marketing campaigns based on buyer personas. Customers can be targeted based on their ordering habits, product preferences, seasonal ordering habits, product upgrades and any criteria that the company sets.

Integrating CRM software improves the science of gathering customer data to classify customers. Integrated software delivers astonishing capabilities to forecast buying habits, follow customers through social media, gather information from BI sources and deliver relevant content based on buyer behavior and preferences.

Integration reduces the time needed to prepare customer and vendor surveys, generate and distribute safety information, calculate the ROI of every marketing initiative and trace faulty parts and product lots to prevent damage to the company's reputation and reduced sales.

Enjoying Greater Operating Efficiencies

Research shows that most companies lose between 10 percent and 20 percent of their profits because of poor quality control. [2] Companies average spending $1,300 per month or more on quality control, but many of these functions can be automated with a fully integrated front-back office system. Integrating front- and back-office software and ERP modules generate customized operating efficiency based on any company's needs and budget and its IT staff skill level. That's why the modular development capabilities of Syspro ERP software are so valuable to the planned development process.

Companies can add modules as needed to increase efficiency, expand business operations, tackle new markets and automate business processes. Integration automates a seamless process at each step of development. B2B companies can choose which ERP modules they need and add them at any time. Clarity’s integration platform, Connect, provides that real-time and batched, bi-directional integration that provides full automation of any business processes.

Syspro offers a full selection of software modules that include:

  • Accounting
  • Sales Management, or CRM
  • Inventory Management Production and Manufacturing Software
  • Distribution Management Software
  • Project and Process Management Tools
  • Business Intelligence

The full integration of some or all of these software applications can transform administrative functions, automate processes and save many thousands of dollars on labor, duplicate work, inefficiencies of manual processing, paper costs and other expenses.

Syspro eCommerce integration can be managed modularly with the right development team. Each new module will be fully integrated into the company's operating system. Syspro software already features development shortcuts because the software connects with all the major eCommerce store platforms, including Clarity eCommerce. Syspro tools include connectors, powerful fiscal controls, extensive management capabilities and industry-specific modules for manufacturing, eCommerce and distribution.

Development at Your Own Pace

Clarity, using their Clarity eCommerce and Clarity Connect platforms, specializes in modular development, B2B integration and building world-class sales platforms. The company uses smart tools to build your capabilities without breaking the bank with cost overruns and software that you don’t need or can’t yet afford. Clarity will also consult with your IT team, help to train staff to get the most out of your Syspro integration and test every aspect of its work before taking things live online.



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