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Improving Your B2B Business’s CTAs 

Creating call to actions that help your business convert

Buy Now CTAYour call to actions (CTA) is your way to get customers to do what you want, whether it be giving you their information or purchasing your products or services. Responses to CTAs provide you with leads and vital information about potential customers. But you can’t get that information if you don’t have well thought out CTAs. Below are seven tips to help your B2B business create better call to actions that make visitors click.

Have One on Every Page

While it seems obvious, the biggest tip when it comes to CTAs is that you need to have one. According to the Small Business B2B Call to Action Study by Small Business Trends and Online Marketing Coach, 70 percent of small B2B businesses don’t include a call to action on their home page. How are visitors supposed to know what to do next if you don’t tell them? Including a CTA on your landing pages, home page, and all of your other web pages and emails tells potential buyers what their next step should be.

Don’t Jump the Gun 

Another tip is to use the right CTA for visitors at each step in the buying journey. Don’t ask visitors to buy your products or services when they are just beginning their research. If they are new potential customers, show them CTAs that offer more information or insight instead of a big “Buy Now” button, which will be highly ineffective. Use an appropriate CTA for each landing page, article, and email based on the content presented and who the customer is, and where they are at in the buying process.

CTA developmentUse Compelling Text 

Some focus on having exciting visual effects for the CTAs, but you need to remember that the text is just as, or even more, important. The text that is part of your CTA needs to provide viewers with actual information and potential benefits. Don’t just give them a generic “click here” or “buy now”. Visitors will be much more responsive to a CTA that tells them how their business will benefit by clicking on your CTA.

Looks Matter Too 

The look of your CTA will have a direct effect on whether or not people choose to click on it. Your business should do tests to figure out what your customers most respond to. Try a variety of different colors to see which works best. Having a strong contrast between your CTA and website or email background helps it stand out and makes it easy to find.

Embrace White Space 

The white space is any empty or negative space on your website. While some call white space a waste of space, this couldn’t be further from the truth. White space can make your CTA stand out and make it easier to find. Having a lot of other text and elements around your CTA can make it blend in and get overlooked.

UrgencyMake it Urgent 

Another tip for getting more responses from your CTA is to create a sense of urgency. Advertising a limited time offer on your CTA, whether it be a special on a product or being able to download a free whitepaper, encourages visitors to click and fill out the form now rather than wait until later and possibly miss out.

Keep Forms Short and Sweet 

And finally, the last tip is to keep forms attached to CTAs short and sweet. The easiest way to ruin a good CTA is a bad form. If it’s a buyer’s first visit, the form should only ask for a few things, like name and email address. Visitors are going to want to fill out a long form asking about their business and its needs when they have only read one of your blog posts. Save in depth forms for pages that are about specific service or products.

Clarity Can Help 

At Clarity, we know how vital CTAs can be for B2B eCommerce businesses. For nearly a decade, we have been providing B2B businesses with solutions, tools, and advice to help their businesses go further. Our team of expert developers and marketers can help your B2B business create call to actions that get a response. To learn more about how Clarity can help your B2B business improve, call or click to contact us today!