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Linkbuilding is the process of obtaining links to your website from other reliable sites around the web. Since search engines find web pages primarily by “crawling” from one web page to another, a good linkbuilding service or campaign helps search engines notice your website and gauge your reputability in a particular field or within a particular range of keywords. For this reason, linkbuilding is one of the most important components of a well-executed professional SEO services.


linkbuilding for ecommerce

What Linkbuilding is Not

As with all forms of SEO optimization, the proper execution of linkbuilding for eCommerce is key; engaging in spam techniques or seeking links from the wrong sources will harm your reputation and decrease your search engine rankings. When considering your linkbuilding strategy, aim for quality over quantity. Seek out high-authority sources that will provide your site with not just a link, but also a stream of relevant, interested traffic.

Public Relations in a Web-Based Society

A linkbuilding campaign can make the difference for your website’s reputation and visibility.

A successful linkbuilding company thinks about linkbuilding not just as a means of SEO, but as a form of public relations. They aim not to build just links, but relationships. As such, they target blogs and other websites who are genuinely interested in the product or service and have a compelling reason to get their message out. Although people relate linkbuilding most closely to its SEO benefits, linkbuilding is also a great way to become a credible source or even an expert in your field. For example, guest posting on blogs that are relevant to your business is a great way to build not just links, but industry credibility.

Why You Should Consider a Linkbuilding Company for Your eCommerce Site

The tactics, sources and strategies for linkbuilding vary from website to website. This is why it’s important to consult with an SEO professional about your site’s particular linkbuilding needs. A linkbuilding campaign can make the difference for your website’s reputation and visibility. Use our contact form to speak to one of Clarity’s SEO experts about how your business can benefit from a linkbuilding campaign.



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