Integrated Marketing Features of a Modern CMS

CMS: The Next Marketing Tool 

Content management systems that help handle your marketing

content management systemContent management systems (CMS) have been used by individuals and companies alike to create and publish content for their websites and blogs. Many people just view CMSs as a way to handle content; however, CMSs are now taking it a step further and integrating various features directly into the systems. Numerous online marketing features being directly input into CMSs provide users with a seamless experience that is easy to use. Modern content management systems helps make a marketer’s job easier than ever before.

Personalized Content 

Content management systems are increasing ways for marketers to speak directly to their site visitors. Modern CMSs are enabling marketers to provide personalized experiences for people visiting their sites. The systems first help you segment your site visitors by their referral source, their search term and/or their physical location. You then personalize certain pages and content to be shown to each segment. UX and A/B testing, which are often also built in to a modern CMS, help you ensure your dynamics pages are displaying the correct information to the right customers, and that those pages are performing. Content personalization features help marketers automate one-to-one marketing easily and efficiently.

web analyticsWeb Analytics 

Most modern content management systems have web analytics integrated into their platforms. These analytics help marketers judge the success of marketing campaigns and content on their company’s site. Having analytics built into the platform and available at their fingertips helps marketers make more informed decisions about their marketing efforts.

SEO Friendly 

Content management systems continue to improve to help make your site more search engine friendly. Features such as automated URLs that are rich in keywords are included in CMSs to help boost your site’s search engine presence and make a marketer’s job a bit simpler.

social media marketingSocial Media 

Content management systems have also increased the ease of integrating social media with your website. Social media has been proven to help boost brand awareness and reach more customers than you would have otherwise. CMSs allow you to integrate your social media accounts with your website, enabling you to post content on all of your profiles easily and bring more visitors to your site.

Contact Scoring 

CMSs are now, more than ever, giving you ways to track visitors, contacts, and leads. Content management systems provide ways to store visitor information that enables you easily score your contacts and leads. You set how and when contacts or leads are scored. The scores can be easily accessed through the content management system or can be directly sent to the marketing or sales team when a lead or contact passes a certain threshold. CMSs with scoring integrated into the systems help marketers and sales people contact the right people at the right time.

Clarity Can Help 

Clarity has worked for almost a decade helping our clients choose the right CMS platform for their business needs. Our team is skilled at setting up websites on numerous CMS platforms. We are dedicated to staying on trend and finding the content management system that will give you the best features to help improve your website. To find out more about how Clarity can help your company find the CMS platform with the features that you need, call or click for a quote today.


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