Integrating Legacy Business Systems into Your Sitefinity CMS

Content Management and Legacy Business Systems Integration 

Sitefinity CMS can easily integrate with your legacy business system

Integration with your content management system can be a key factor for a helpful and efficient website. Your content management system not only needs to be able to integrate well with the big names, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, and Salesforce; it also needs to be able to integrate with custom software, whether it is new or a legacy systems. Sitefinity’s content management system provides you with a CMS that can integrate excellently with almost any software.

Legacy Business Systems 

The term legacy system refers to any business software that is viewed as outdated or obsolete. Many legacy business systems were made for or customized by businesses that needed custom solutions to manage or complete tasks that were specific to their business. While the legacy system or software may have become outdated and no longer compatible with other updated current systems, the legacy system is still seen as extremely vital to the company and won’t be phased out any time soon.

Sitefinity and Your Legacy Systems 

Sitefinity CMS enables you to easily integrate your systems with its content management system. One of the keys to its ease of integration is Sitefinity’s flexible and fully exposed APIs. The APIs help you to smoothly integrate your systems, whether they are custom or out of the box, with Sitefinity CMS. While Sitefinity already has specific connectors for out-of-the-box software like SharePoint and Salesforce, developers can help you to easily integrate your custom legacy systems with Sitefinity using their APIs. With its fully exposed API, Sitefinity makes it easy to integrate your legacy business systems that you depend on with a content management system you can trust.

Sitefinity’s Extensibility Makes it Happen 

Sitefinity’s content management system is easily able to be integrated with your legacy business systems, whether they be CRMs, ERPs, or otherwise. The key to the ease of integration is Sitefinity’s extensibility and flexibility. Sitefinity CMS was carefully crafted to be able to integrate with almost any kind of software or system, making it ideal for any company looking for a content management system that lets them get the most out of one system. Sitefinity CMS’s extensibility means that your website can be easily grown, whether it be through modules, widgets or integrations. The CMS was built with your business’s end needs in mind.

Clarity Can Help 

Our team at Clarity has decades of combined experience integrating our clients’ business systems with their eCommerce sites and content management systems. We know that there are custom systems your business depends of, whether they be custom legacy business systems or out-of-the-box software, and we understand how essential it is to have all of your information available and working together in one place. To find out more about how Clarity can help integrate your systems, call or click to contact us today!