Customized UX and Intelligent Search Case Studies


Below are a few of Clarity’s favorite examples of custom eCommerce and intelligent search:

intelligent search example - amazon


Amazon (not a Clarity client)

Amazon is one of the most familiar examples of responsive catalogs and intelligent search, so it’s a great place to start if you’re looking for inspiration. Thanks to Amazon, the “Customers who bought this also bought…” feature has become ubiquitous among eCommerce websites who are looking for a cutting-edge way to increase their sales. By showing customers the other products they are statistically likely to enjoy, Amazon is not only upping their sales; they are also creating a helpful experience for the customer.

intelligent search example - relectric

Relectric (Clarity client)

Relectric, a premier electronic parts supplier, serves over 22 domestic locations and features over one million parts. They came to Clarity with a need for making this large amount of product data easy for their customers to sort through. So Clarity worked with them to build a product selector with custom roles based on different types of user profiles. For example, if someone is looking at a price related to an individual part, the website “knows” that an individual (not a company) is shopping and will not show items that are commercial in nature. Instead, they will provide helpful user manuals and other items that an individual would want. Commercial searches, on the other hand, will take the website down an entirely different path, consisting of part numbers, specs on installation, documentation, and more.

intelligent search example - ldr

LDR Medical (Clarity client)

Like Relectric, LDR services many different areas and provides a plethora of products – in this case surgical and medical tools. Clarity built them a predictive search functionality that greatly enhances the overall browsing process. When a user begins typing in a word, the website will be able to predict what they’re typing and finish the word for them.

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