International eCommerce Customer Relationship Management


international ecommerce customer relationship managementManaging your international customers is not like regular customer relationship management, and it sometimes requires a more complex process with more careful considerations. How can you manage your international customers in a way that brings them the same personal, helpful service you’d bring to your local customers? Read on for an overview.

Managing International eCommerce Customer Relationships

To successful manage international eCommerce customer relationships, you’ll need a Customer Relationship Management integration that can do the following:

  • Speak to your customer in his own language 
  • Provide customer support in your customer’s own time zone 
  • Reassure your customer that you’re knowledgeable about shipping rates, taxes, and rules 
  • Track orders and be able to provide shipping status at any time 
  • Smoothly handle returns and refunds 

Think all this sounds difficult? Don’t worry; the right combination of a CRM system, ERP integration, and expert website design can make the process much easier.

Multilingual Customer Care

Responsive design is generally the ultimate goal, but requires a more extensive budget than mobile-friendly development.

When you consider barriers to a successful relationship with your international eCommerce customers, the first thing that probably comes to mind is language. Indeed, the language barrier can be a tricky one. In addition to hosting a fully translated multilingual website, you may consider setting up a local customer service call center that operates in the customer’s native language, depending on the size of the region you’re targeting.

International eCommerce CRM Integration Company in Austin, TX

The right CRM tool will provide an array of post-sale and fulfillment support, to help you navigate the difficult process of communicating with international customers. You need a set of tools that will provide your business with as much transparency as possible – without adding extra work. This means automatically tracking packages, providing information on the total cost of an order in the local currency, and answering basic questions. If a customer needs to return an order, your CRM and ERP tools will need to refund the item at the same exchange rate and currency as the original order, no matter how much time has lapsed.

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