International Shipping Duties Integration

When doing business internationally and in particular, have an international eCommerce solution integrated to your website you not only have to consider your ability to convert site visitors to customers but also factor in international taxes and duties into your budget. The experts here at Clarity are here to help you develop your international shipping services.

It is important when utilizing international shipping that you include an extensive description of what you are shipping. Of course, you want to cover the 3 main topics for international shipping;

  • Product material
  • Product use
  • Description of the product

This allows you to get accurate assessments of the taxes and dutires that are assessed for your overseas shipments.

international shipping taxes and dutiesAssessment of Taxes and Duties

An additional consideration of importance is whether your business will own the end costs for taxes or whether it will be deductible. Generally, a Value Added Tax (VAT) or Goods and Services Tax (GST) are assessed on the “duty paid value” and dictated by the country you are shipping into, specifically whether or not you are VAT registered. Most importantly, look into the countries tax policies for international shipping to ensure you have a complete understanding before shipping.

Clarity - Your international shipping integration solution.

Ultimately, there are many options when addressing international billing but most commonly, we design your CRM system so that it automates shipping including label printing and order tracking while providing simple and secure tax calculation. Additionally, we set up your systems to automatically bill the international tax and/or duties directly to the recipient but as a shipper, you have extensive options to have the courier you use (such as FedEx International).