Investing in Corporate Intranet Development

Companies around the globe are taking the leap financially of investing in a corporate intranet development for their business. Just like any other capital investment, intranets are often sought after by companies looking to improve productivity, increase efficiency and facilitate better internal communication.

What a Corporate Intranet Website Does

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While intranets can hold a multitude of specific purposes for the company they created for, in general, their main purpose is to provide an easily accessible portal for people within an organization to securely share information with one another. When an intranet is developed with a website interface, you have a basic website containing valuable company information that is accessible to people who work at the company, and have access to the site through a secure firewall. An intranet differs slightly from an extranet in that its main purpose is for internal members of your company, whether they are located within our main headquarters or they are out in the field.

What Type of Information is Typically Shared over Corporate Intranets?

When developing corporate intranets for our customers, we find that they are interested in sharing a wide range of information from valuable HR information through a Human Resources or HR Intranet to business critical documents and files which might be shared through access to a Customer Service Intranet or Sales and Marketing Intranet. When it comes down to it, intranets are basically the sharing of valued information, no matter what that specific information is.

Intranets are basically the sharing of valued information, no matter what that specific information is.

Cost of Developing a Corporate Intranet Website

It’s clearly important to evaluate the costs of developing a sophisticated intranet before plunging headstrong into such a major project. The sales team at Clarity Ventures is equipped to walk with you through all the caveats of your future company intranet project to help best evaluate what it would likely cost before investing a dime. We can also help share valuable tips and trends we have seen from intranet developers to further increase the usefulness of your own intranet project.

For more information on what it would look like to get an intranet set up for your organization, complete the request for proposal form below and a member of our team will be in contact with you quickly to discuss your project ideas.

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