Justifications for Adding eCommerce to Your B2B Offerings

5 Reasons for Taking your B2B Business Online

B2B eCommerce continues to grow, don’t let your company get left behind

Adding an eCommerce store to your B2B business can seem overwhelming at first. However, if you don’t go online, your business could get left in the dust. More and more B2B businesses are choosing to start selling online, and buyers are now expecting to be able to buy from B2B businesses through an eCommerce site. Branching out into the B2B eCommerce world can be a great thing for your business by expanding your customer reach and increasing revenue. Below are just a few justifications for bringing your B2B business online.

Increases Average Order Value

Selling online can have many benefits, including increasing your average order value. According to a Forrestor Research study, 44% of B2B companies said their average order value increased when their customers placed orders through their eCommerce website.

cutting business costsCutting Costs

Letting customers go through the buying process online can save your company money. By enabling your customers to place their own orders, check order statuses and shipping, and make changes to their orders, you can free up your staff to let them work on their other duties. Less time spent handling tasks that customers can now do themselves lets your staff focus their time and energy on more productive tasks such as pursuing new customers. Having an eCommerce website can also decrease customer acquisition costs. If a new customer is able to find your eCommerce site through a search on Google, the cost of acquiring that customer is much less than seeking out and educating a potential customer about your business.

Building Loyalty

Some may argue that selling online takes away the personal interactions and chances at creating a strong relationship with customers. However, having an eCommerce website with information about your company clearly displayed gives the buyer a chance to find out what they need to know about your business to be confident in buying from you. An eCommerce site also gives customers a chance to easily purchase from you more frequently which correlates to a stronger business relationship.

customer's expectationsMeet Customers’ Expectations

As more and more businesses open eCommerce stores, customers are expecting everyone, including you, to enable them to buy online. Customers, even company buyers, expect to be able to get online, find the products they want, and buy them off of an eCommerce website. If your business isn’t offering the option to buy products online, they will find a business that does. Make sure that you don’t lose out on customers simply because you don’t have an eCommerce store.

Market Size and Opportunities

Starting a B2B eCommerce store online means that people from all over the globe can now easily find your business. People from countries you may never have heard of can now discover your product offerings and potentially purchase from you. An eCommerce website means that your customers can buy your products 24/7 without needing to contact you or be in the same time zone so they can reach you during regular business hours.

Clarity Can Help 

At Clarity, we know the impact that eCommerce can have on B2B businesses. Adding eCommerce can open new doors and generate a lot more revenue. We specialize in B2B web development and have built our own Clarity eCommerce platform to help make adding eCommerce to your B2B offerings easier. To find out more about how Clarity can help bring your business online, call or click to contact us today!