Key Areas for ROI in Dynamics GP Website Integration for eCommerce and Sales Portals

Dynamics GP Website and Sales Portal Integration Capabilities and Benefits 

How integrating Dynamics GP and your site or sales portal benefits your business



Dynamics GPMicrosoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP) is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that can help any size business work smarter and more efficiently. With its numerous tools and capabilities, Dynamics GP helps you automate tasks and analyze your business operations. While powerful on its own, integrating Dynamics GP ERP system with your sales portal or eCommerce site increases Dynamics utility and value. The integration helps your employees easily find the information they need, assists your customers in making better purchase decisions, and gets you a greater return on your Dynamics GP investment.



Improving Internal Business Processes

Integrating your Dynamics GP ERP system with your eCommerce site or sales portal can help improve various aspects of your internal business processes. The risk of order errors are reduced because orders are automatically transferred from your eCommerce site to your ERP system. Also, the time it takes to process and fill orders is cut down as a result of automated business processes. 

There are also a few steps you can take to further increase the ROI your business gets from integrating Dynamics GP with your eCommerce site. Use the integration to work on improving business processes and fixing any problems your business is experiencing. Take full advantage of the integration by using it to automated more complex business processes such as shipping. Using a website development company, such as Clarity Ventures, to develop your integration will help you get the most out of your Dynamics GP integration.



Integration ROIEnhancing External Business Processes

A Dynamics GP and eCommerce site or sales portal integration can lead to better sales and customer service as well as greater satisfaction; all of which lead to a better ROI. The integration can allow your customers to return merchandise through RMA. It can also help your customers see the most up to date inventory, which can help them better plan their purchase. The Dynamics GP can also help your customer service and sales team better do their jobs. Both will be able to easily access information that they need through the sales portal that they are already used to using, making it a one stop shop for all of the vital data that they need to do their jobs well.



Increasing Exposure

Integrating Dynamics GP and your sales portal or site can also help your marketing and brand exposure. The integration can enable you to dynamically push data about your products and business out to the world for marketing purposes. Providing data from your ERP to your sales portal or site and vice versa also helps your sales team connect with more customers and increase your brand’s exposure.



Clarity Can Help

At Clarity, we know how powerful and beneficial ERP integrations can be. We have seen numerous clients improve their businesses processes, grow their profits, and increase their ROI after integrating Dynamics GP with the eCommerce site or sales portal. Our team of experts is highly experienced at working with Microsoft software, and our business is a certified Microsoft partner. To find out more about Dynamics GP integration or to schedule a consultation with one of our experts, call or click to contact us today!