Dynamics GP integration is increasingly used by businesses as a way to improve the flow of data throughout their organizations. Microsoft Dynamics GP integration can allow an organization to not only get information circulated faster, it can also allow employees to have a much easier experience putting that information to use by presenting the information in a familiar format.

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The Concept

Integration with Dynamics GPDynamics GP integration allows an organization to take data from many different sources and to push it through the organization to the right departments. This means, for example, that the accounting employees at an organization can be provided with information they need, such as sales, employee hours and so forth while the human resources department can be given information such as days missed and other vital data that applies to its concerns. Dynamics GP integration can be done between many different programs. With certain features, notably the eConnect feature, Dynamics GP integration can be accomplished between data sources such as Internet storefronts and back-office solutions.

The reason that Dynamics GP works for a variety of businesses is because of its flexibility. A programmer can alter just about any aspect of how the program works to make sure that an organization is getting exactly the flow of information it needs and that all of the employees are provided with what they require to do their jobs.

GP Integration on the Web

Web integration with Dynamics GP has a specific value to eCommerce businesses. Because most of their customer interaction will be done over the Internet, most of their data will also be collected from Internet sources. This means that the entire organization has to be oriented toward getting that data from the sources and distributing it to the right people, which is exactly what Dynamic GP allows those businesses to do.

Dynamics Integration Benefits

Having your business take advantage of web integration with Dynamics GP allows your employees to get the information they need.

Having your business take advantage of web integration with Dynamics GP allows your employees to get the information they need off of your website and to work with it in the popular Microsoft Office format. This is a great advantage for any organization, as employees will not require specific training to learn how to work with the data they are provided. For example, the most detailed web statistics can be delivered to any department required and analyzed and otherwise worked with in the Excel program. Because the format is so familiar, it's easy for businesses to take advantage of this technology without reinventing their processes.

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