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If you're a manufacturer looking for an all-encompassing eCommerce solution, you've found it. Clarity eCommerce is a shopping cart framework built with manufacturers in mind.

eCommerce for Manufacturers

Manufacturing eCommerce integration for the manufacturing industry is different than most other types of shopping carts, and that is because manufacturers require specific details of workflow and features that are crucial to their business. Clarity has a rich history of working with manufacturing companies and delivering industry specific solutions in order to help them succeed online.

e-Business Integration

Business application integration is critical for manufacturing companies that run a manufacturing custom eCommerce sector of their business. Keeping all of your data and information consolidated and accurate between systems is the only way to stay organized and be successful in the long run. Clarity Connector will integrate many Oracle products to eCommerce, including but not exclusive to:

Oracle Fusion CRM, Oracle CRM On Demand, Oracle ERP systems

Oracle Fusion CRM

Oracle Fusion CRM provides integrated territory management, quota management, and incentive compensation management for an optimized sales process. These things can be very important to keep track of within your Oracle eCommerce platform, especially for inventory management purposes. Integrating this CRM into your eCommerce platform can do wonders for marketing and customer targeting / outreach / documentation.

Oracle CRM On Demand

Oracle eCommerce CRM On Demand takes the classic customer relationship management tool and takes it one step further - to a real time platform with contextual insights. This allows you and your team to be more productive with cloud hosting, Outlook and mobile integration, and more.

Oracle ERP Systems

Oracle integrate online store systems are extremely valuable for many businesses, and when integrated with your eCommerce platform they become that much more valuable. The combination of customer / order management, supply chain integration, and storefront online selling is powerful for any business.

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