Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration Security Best Practices

Secure Integration for Dynamics CRM and eCommerce

A four-part series dealing with security, redundancy, and performance


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

Security is an essential best practice when integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM with your eCommerce website. Without secure integration, your customers’ information could be stolen by hackers. Stolen customer data means a huge headache for the customer and a loss of trust for you. The customer may choose to never use your eCommerce website again, which could harm your business. You want your customers to feel safe and secure when they give you their information. At Clarity, we take numerous precautions to ensure that every integration we do is secure.

Scoping Your Data

When integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM with your eCommerce website, we at Clarity know that scoping the information that gets pushed and pulled in and out of the system is extremely important. With integration, we want to confirm that data transfer only happens between the known external website system, which is your eCommerce site, and your internal system, or your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. Security is enhanced when you have scoped the information to just your eCommerce website and your systems. In order for scoping to be secure, and to add an extra level of security, it is ideal to isolate to a specific IP address and make sure that the data transfer is over SSL (secure sockets layer).

Username and Passwords: Not Just for Your Email

Authentication is an essential component of security as well, allowing you make sure that data transmission will be safe and secure. When the website calls the internal Microsoft Dynamics CRM system to make a data transfer, it has to provide a username, password, and secure key. The website will only be able to access the data when it provides the correct information.

Levels of Security

Clarity Microsoft Dynamics CRM and eCommerce integration levels of security

Another important part of a secure integration is using multiple levels or layers of security for added levels of safety. Firewalls and login boxes are just some examples of layers of security. At Clarity, security is one of our top priorities. That is why we make sure that every integration that we complete involves multiple layers. Our Clarity integration layer sits behind the firewall at your eCommerce site. Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM instance usually also sits behind your firewall. This ensures that both systems are safe and secure.

Clarity Can Help

When doing Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration, you can be sure Clarity has your eCommerce business’ security in mind. With almost a decade of experience integrating software for numerous businesses, you can count on Clarity to provide a customized secure solution for your business’ needs. Call or click for a quote today!



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