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The Many Uses of B2B eCommerce Mobile Portals 

Using mobile portals to increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction

Mobile PortalA mobile eCommerce portal can be extremely useful for any B2B business. It can help your salespeople sell, providing them with important information any time they need it. When out in the field visiting customers and your sales team won’t always have access to a computer. Creating and employing a mobile portal allows your team members to do their jobs from virtually anywhere. Whether they need to update a customer’s information or look up a customer’s order status, they will be able to do so as long as they have their smartphone or tablet.

Order or Reorder Items for Customers 

While visiting with a customer, the sales team member may be told that the customer needs to reorder supplies or wants to order a certain one of your products. Instead of telling the customer to go to your B2B business’s eCommerce site to reorder, the sales member can log onto the portal for their mobile device, look up to item and order it for the customer on the spot, while ensuring that there is sufficient inventory and that the customer is receiving any individual pricing set on their account. Not only does this help the salesperson secure a sale, it saves the customer the time and energy of having to do it themselves, leading to greater customer satisfaction.

Customer InformationUpdate Customer Information 

When checking in with a customer in the field, the customer may casually mention a change in their information, such as having a new buyer. Instead of having to make a mental note or jot down a quick reminder to remind them to update the customer’s information, the salesperson can pull out their smartphone and enter the new information directly into the portal, helping your business keep data accurate and up-to-date.

Look Up the Status of an Order 

Once a customer places an order, they like to stay informed on their orders status, progress and shipment. Having a mobile eCommerce portal enables your sales team to look up to status of an order wherever or whenever a customer asks about it. If a customer calls up your salesperson and asks when their order will be arriving, the salesperson can quickly log onto the mobile portal using their smartphone, find the customer’s order information, and relay the order status to the customer. Getting a quick response from your sales team makes a customer feel valued.

Approval ProcessAccelerate Approval Processes

Some internal processes may have to happen before a transaction can be approved and completed. A mobile portal can help speed this process along by providing decision makers with a tool that enables them to do their job or reviewing and approving purchases anytime, anywhere. If these "approvers" use the mobile portal, the approval process can happen quicker, leading to faster sales and satisfied customers.

Clarity Can Help

Clarity Ventures has become one of the leading development companies for B2B eCommerce. Our team of experts has helped numerous B2B businesses implement custom solutions to help their businesses. Clarity has created many sales and employee portals for our clients that work on both desktop and mobile devices. To find out more about mobile B2B portals or to speak with an expert about creating a mobile eCommerce portal for your B2B business, call or click to contact us today!