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mobile business to business website designYou have probably heard various statistics on the number of people who are making transactions on their mobile devices, and you may even be aware that B2C websites are going mobile in droves in order to stay competitive. However, it is a bit more difficult to determine the place of B2B eCommerce websites within the mobile landscape. Read on for an overview of when, why, and how your B2B eCommerce website should go mobile.

B2B eCommerce Customers and Mobile Devices

Before you begin, it will be helpful to analyze your own visitor traffic to determine how many people are visiting your website from a mobile device. You can access this information from within Google Analytics, and it will tell you both how many mobile visitors you receive, and which devices they use to access your site. The urgency of your B2B mobile development plan will be determined by these numbers; if you see an increase in mobile device usage, then it is crucial that you optimize your site right away to make it as easy as possible for your mobile visitors to view goods and make a purchase.

B2B Form Optimization for Mobile Phones

Responsive design is generally the ultimate goal, but requires a more
extensive budget than mobile-friendly development.

If you decide to mobile optimize your B2B website, one of the most important considerations will be form optimization. Form submission is the way in which you will capture leads and follow up with prospects. If a visitor hits your site, you need to make sure your contact or RFQ form is always visible, and that it is easy to enter information and submit the form from a mobile device. This means keeping questions simple and making your form field requirements as user-friendly as possible. Remember, you can always follow up later.

Mobile Integration with Social Media for B2B eCommerce

One of the fastest ways to stay on top of B2B eCommerce trends is to integrate your mobile website with social media platforms. Because so many people use social media on their mobile devices, integrating your website with customer ratings, user reviews, and more is a great idea. A user can choose to cross-post their commentary to their social media accounts, providing you with an additional marketing platform.

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