Customer Portal NetSuite Platform Integration

Netsuite CRM Integration to Customer PortalIf your business needs an effective way to provide customer support, then a customer portal is a popular solution. However, a stand alone portal can fall short of its potential if it isn't integrated with a powerful CRM platform, like NetSuite.

Netsuite is a great way to manage your customer tickets and messages on the backend so that no communication gets dropped. This is very important for businesses of all sizes because a lack of customer support can turn into a lack of customers.

Integrating Netsuite with a Customer Portal

Since these tools complement each other so well, it makes sense that they are very popular to integrate with one another. When Netsuite is integrated with a business's customer portal, it enables that business to keep track of all customer tickets and messages. This documentation keeps any communication from falling through the cracks and increases customer satisfaction. A NetSuite integration ensures that data is entered in 1 place and synched where needed, improving customer service response times, lowering mistakes and missing data and improving customer satisfaction.

Integrating an eCommerce Customer Portal

Documentation keeps any communication from falling through the cracks and increases customer satisfaction

Giving your customers online support is a great way to manage long term relationships or simply keep customer satisfaction high. This is especially important for eCommerce companies. Since your customers are already affiliated with your website they will be more likely to expect an online portal where they can find support. Combining Netsuite and an online customer portal is a great way to build a strong support department.

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