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Whether you consider fundraising a necessary evil or whether raising money is the best part of your job, every nonprofit must worry about raising funds and managing grants. How can you leverage your website to help you with both increasing donations and managing grants? Read on for an overview.

How to Increase Nonprofit Donations Through Your Website

There are three major ways to increase nonprofit donations using your website: enhance your site with mobile-optimized development, communicate your impact clearly through stories and pictures, and make a visible, user-friendly “donate” button available on every page. To the first point, as more and more people access the web via a mobile device, their ability to make an easy, convenient, and secure donation via their phone will set your nonprofit apart. The second component will be discussed in Nonprofit Website Marketing. And the third point – making sure the “donate” button is visible on every page – should absolutely not be overlooked as a major element of your nonprofit website design.

Nonprofit Grants Management Tools

Responsive design is generally the ultimate goal, but requires a more extensive budget than mobile-friendly development.

Once you receive your donations or grants, there are several tools that will make managing them much easier. The most important one is a smoothly integrated Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, system. With your CRM, you can add grant and donation totals to your budget, allocate funds to various programs, automatically thank donors, convert leads to donors, and much more. A CRM is a must for effectively managing grants and donations of any size.

Nonprofit Website Development and Grants Management in Austin, TX

One of Clarity’s specialties lies in CRM and ERP integration, and as such, we can provide you with a number of customizations and strategies for making your CRM system work to your advantage. Additionally, we have worked with a number of nonprofits, and understand the special concerns that nonprofits have. If you’re looking for a CRM system, our experience in CRM integration and nonprofit website development is a winning combination.

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