Increase Your Quality Score with These Proven Methods

Designing a beautiful, focused, and relevant landing page will go a long way in helping you achieve an excellent quality score from Google AdWords. However, there are other considerations, too. The following are other ways you can increase your quality score, once you’re satisfied with your landing page.

Keyword Optimization for PPC

Your PPC campaign begins and ends with your keywords. Prior to every PPC campaign, you’ll want to do extensive research using, at the very least, the Google AdWords keyword research tool. Additionally, look at your own website analytics through Google Analytics: what keywords are people already using to reach your site, and how do those keywords convert? The keywords that help your SEO campaign will greatly inform the keywords you use for PPC. Additionally, organizing your keywords into related groups is essential for building a quality PPC campaign.

The Historical Performance of Your Account Matters

The keywords that help your SEO campaign will greatly inform the keywords you use for PPC.

Your quality score is largely determined by your conversion rates in the past, or by how many visitors click through to other pages on your site. This means calls-to-action are essential and, more importantly, you can’t rely on volume of visitors alone. If your website isn’t converting, think critically about what you can do to fix the problem before it affects your quality score.

Linkbuilding for PPC

When people consider a PPC campaign, the concept of linkbuilding is usually not at the top of the list. However, many people design custom landing pages but forget to include them in their website’s logical hierarchy. Your quality score will be negatively impacted if your landing page is “floating,” or isn’t seen as part of your site map. So, if you design a custom landing page for PPC, link to it from other pages on your website using relevant internal links and anchor text, and give Google a moment to crawl the page before you begin.