PayPal vs. First Data for eCommerce

Which Online Payment Processor is Best for Your Business?

A look at which payment gateway is right for your eCommerce company

shopping bagIf you have an eCommerce business, you have to be able to accept online payments, which means that you need the right online payment processor. First Data and PayPal are two of the most widely used tools for accepting online payments for your goods and services. Both First Data and PayPal are secure to use, for you as a business and for your customers.


PayPal PayPal is a third-party online payment processor, meaning that it allows your business to accept online payments using a merchant account set up under PayPal. This means that PayPal requires less setup time than other payment processors, but it binds your merchant account to PayPal’s terms of service. This also means that customers are sometimes navigated away from your eCommerce website to the site’s PayPal account to complete the transaction, which can be disconcerting for some customers. However, PayPal is simpler and less expensive to implement and use than First Data, depending on business size. PayPal is best for smaller businesses that are just starting to accept online payments.

First Data

First DataFirst Data is one of the largest credit card processing companies, allowing you to accept any major credit card. Unlike PayPal, customers paying online can stay on your eCommerce site during the entire transaction process. While First Data's setup time and fees are higher than PayPal’s, First Data does offer extras and tools such as excellent reporting capabilities. It is able to process online payments for businesses from small to large. First Data is great for larger or growing eCommerce businesses that need a trustworthy payment processor to easily handle a large amount of sales.

PayPal or First Data: Which Should You Use?

PayPal and First Data are both good online payment processors that can be counted on to ensure that you receive payment for the goods and services you offer. Both provide security for you and your customers. However, PayPal may be more suitable for businesses that are just beginning to accept online payments or have fewer sales, while First Data is a better solution for businesses that are looking to handle a large number of sales and have been using online payments for some time. Each is an excellent payment gateway that can allow your eCommerce business to easily accept online payments. The ultimate deciding factor of which online payment processor your company should use is your company's needs.

Clarity Can Help

No matter which online payment gateway your eCommerce business chooses to use, Clarity can help you implement it. Our team at Clarity has built hundreds of websites that are able to accept online payments. Call or click for a quote today!