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Scalable B2B eCommerce Platforms that Reduce Return Rates

How the right B2B eCommerce platform can help decrease returns

ReturnsAs a B2B eCommerce business, you strive to sell your customers exactly what they need. Sometimes the product gets returned either because the customer has decided they don’t need it or because it’s not what they thought they ordered. While you can’t do anything about the first situation, there are many ways to reduce the occurrence of the second. The biggest way to stop it from happening is to use an eCommerce platform that helps show customers exactly what they are getting. Below are some B2B eCommerce platform features to look for when selecting one that will help cut down the number of returns that you see.

Attributes and SKUs

When selecting an eCommerce platform to help cut down on returns, you need to look for one that is capable of handling a high number of SKUs and attributes. First, look at your products and product catalog to determine how many attributes your products have and how many separate variations of a product that you have. Then you have those numbers to compare when you are looking at platform options. If a platform is unable to handle all the attributes that you need, customers could end up buying a product that isn’t what they are looking for and end up sending it back. Likewise if a platform limits your SKUs, you won’t be able to have a unique identifier for every variation of each product, which not only confuses customers, it messes up inventory, fulfillment and shipments. There will be a much higher chance of customers getting the wrong item, which they will then end up returning.

Product attributesUnlimited Product Photos and Videos

Another B2B eCommerce platform feature to look for when selecting one that helps cut down on returns is unlimited product photos and videos. You need to be able to upload and add as many pictures of a product as you want so you can show customers exactly what they will be getting. Likewise, videos can be helpful to customers to show them what the product does or is capable of doing. If you aren’t able to add as many pictures as you need to properly show the product, customers may end up sending it back because it didn’t have all the exact specifications they thought it had. Also if you aren’t able to add all the videos you need to show what the product does, customers could end up with a product that doesn’t work the way they needed it to and thought it would.

Look to Clarity eCommerce

Our eCommerce platform, Clarity eCommerce, was created for B2B. Our platform is scalable, flexible, customizable, and comes with all of the features need for a successful B2B eCommerce business. Clarity eCommerce allows you to have as many product photos and videos as you want. It also enables you to have unlimited SKUs and attributes. The platform ensures that your customers will know exactly what they are buying and your order fulfillment team knows which variation of the product to send to the customers. We want your customers to be as satisfied with your products as you are with our platform.

Clarity Can Help

For nearly a decade, Clarity has been helping B2B businesses thrive. We specialize in B2B and have quickly become one of the top B2B development companies. Our team of expert developers has created numerous custom business solutions for our B2B clients. Many B2B businesses have chosen to use Clarity eCommerce because it’s not only scalable, but highly customizable and flexible as well. To find out more about Clarity eCommerce or to speak with an expert about your B2B project, call or click to contact us today!