Sales and Marketing Portal Design and Development

sales and marketing portal design and development

Does your company communicate with leads often, provide a vast array of marketing collateral, or frequently share demos? Then you would benefit from a sales and marketing portal. Read on for an overview.

The Benefits of a Sales and Marketing Portal

A static website is one that presents all of its information on your website’s pages, and that information rarely changes. When it does change, it is manually updated. A dynamic sales and marketing portal, on the other hand, serves up relevant and continually updated information, so that your leads and prospects will always have the greatest insight possible into what your company can do. It also allows your visitors or prospects to interact with your company exactly how they want to.

Sales and Marketing Portal Integration with Your Website

Responsive design is generally the ultimate goal, but requires a more extensive budget than mobile-friendly development.

If the idea of integrating your website with a sales and marketing portal sounds overwhelming, you may be pleased to hear that most Content Management Systems (CMS’s) adapt well to corporate portals. You can even sometimes use the portal itself to make changes to other information on your website. DotNetNuke and other open-source CSM platforms, in particular, are well-suited to sales and marketing portal integration.


Sales and Marketing Portal Design and Development Company

Clarity has extensive experience designing and developing sales and marketing portals, and not only can we build one for you, we can also guide you through the process of using it. Whether you want to provide specific individuals with certain documents or integrate custom communication features, we can help. Consult with a Clarity representative today to learn how.

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