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Benefits of Integrating Salesforce with eCommerce

Salesforce and eCommerce integration benefits for your marketing team

SalesforceSalesforce has proven itself to be a first rate business and CRM solution. With advanced capabilities and an impressive list of features, Salesforce appears to be a perfectly functioning business system. However, there is one way improve upon Salesforce’s performance: integration. Integrating your Salesforce CRM system with your eCommerce enables the Salesforce platform to work harder for your business, providing your teams with more comprehensive data and information to work with.

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is one of the leading customer relationship management solutions for businesses of all sizes. It is a robust software as a service (SaaS) that includes cloud applications for sales, marketing, customer service, and analytics. Salesforce can help your business keep track of its customer interactions, gain greater insight about your customers, better serve your clients, and optimize and automate your marketing.

eCommerce IntegrationBenefits of Integration

The benefits of integrating your Salesforce system with your eCommerce platform can be astronomical. From eliminating the need to rekey data and greatly reducing the risk of error to providing your customer service team with the most up to date information to best serve your clients, a Salesforce eCommerce integration can help greatly improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. One area that can greatly benefit from a Salesforce eCommerce integration is marketing. The integration allows you to get a clearer, more complete picture of your customers’ wants and needs, enabling you to better understand and sell to them.

Personalize Buyers’ Experiences

Salesforce’s web personalization tools help you personalize the content that you display to each specific customer. Integrating your eCommerce with Salesforce provides your business with more information that allows you to improve upon that personalization and better customize the content, recommendations, and offers that are shown to each individual.

Marketing OptimizationOptimize Marketing Efforts and Interactions

Using Salesforce’s predictive intelligence tools along with the data received from eCommerce helps you make better marketing decisions based on customers’ behaviors that have been stored and analyzed. Being able to make a sound prediction of what advertisements or messages clients will respond to helps you focus your marketing dollars in areas that will earn you the greatest return on investment.

Send More Personalized Messages

While you already have your customers’ names, contact information and perhaps birthday in your Salesforce database, you still only have part of the picture. When you integrate with eCommerce, you get to see the whole picture. Now your Salesforce email marketing tool has access to what a customer has viewed recently, what they have searched for, and what items they left behind in their cart. This information enables your marketing team to send more personalized email messages through your Salesforce system.

Clarity Can Help

At Clarity, we have seen the positive effects an integration can have on businesses of any size. Improving efficiency, reducing errors and empowering employees with data that helps them better do their jobs are just a few of the many benefits derived from business system integrations. Our team of experts at Clarity has integrated numerous CRM solutions, including Salesforce, with eCommerce and other business systems for B2B and B2C clients. To find out more about enhancing your marketing with a Salesforce and eCommerce integration, call or click to contact us today!