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There are a wide variety of CRM and ERP systems on the market for your consideration. Each one has a unique set of functionality that you might find most beneficial to your particular business or organization, and Clarity can work with you to integrate any of them – from Microsoft Dynamics to SAP eCommerce. If you decide to integrate SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products) into your website, read on for an overview of SAP as it relates to CRM and ERP integration.

SAP Integration and CRM

SAP CRM software is a great solution if you’re hoping to take your customer engagement to the next level. The consumer insights are particularly powerful, allowing you to view customer information that ranges from interaction history to what people say about your brand on social media. The CRM is cloud-based, which allows you to access data from any device and provides additional efficiency. From marketing to sales, SAP integration can help you have more meaningful interactions with your leads and customers.

SAP Integration and ERP

SAP is perhaps most famous for their powerful ERP software, which is designed for companies of virtually any size.

SAP is perhaps most famous for their powerful ERP software, which is designed for companies of virtually any size. Some of the features include role-based access to data, and systematized processes for procurement, manufacturing, sales, accounting, and human resources. This will allow you to streamline all of the departments within your company, increasing your competitiveness and maximizing your results.

SAP Integration Consultants in Austin, TX

If you’re considering SAP integration, it’s important to choose the correct SAP integration consultant. An SAP integration consultant is a professional who can speak to you about your company’s goals and typical workflow, so that you can create a blueprint for an SAP eCommerce Platform that is most tailored to your needs. Clarity has extensive experience with many different types of ERP and CRM integration, including SAP, and we are happy to walk you through it. Speak to an SAP integration consultant at Clarity to learn more.

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