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sdk communication with internal and external systems

If you’re an eCommerce business, then updating multiple products in multiple locations at once will be crucial. Otherwise, you’ll waste time and overhead trying to stay on top of every product adjustment in every front- or back-end location where they’re hosted. CRM SDK web services are the solution. Read on for an overview of CRM SDK (Software Development Kit) web services, and how Clarity can use them in conjunction with CRM integration to help you.

What are CRM SDK Web Services?

CRM SDK web services are essentially a block of code that Clarity can add to any project, instantly turning on access to communication with that external platform. We can then facilitate communication between internal and external systems securely, through web services or batch processing. Massive amounts of data can be transferred back and forth, allowing for real-time information updates in multiple locations.

The Benefits of a Secure CRM SDK Plugin

The SDK for MS CRM 2011 is particularly powerful, although any internal/external system can benefit greatly from an SDK.

All of this information is securely transferred, either through FTPS, SSL, a bio-transfer protocol, or a VPN tunnel into a database. This means that although we are rapidly transmitting data between an internal system and an external website, the two systems are essentially acting as one unit. Nobody else can access the information, and yet it can freely and quickly move between website and back-end system. This is a powerful eCommerce solution that will aid you in performing many functions more efficiently. 

SDK for MS CRM 2011

The SDK for MS CRM 2011 is particularly powerful, although any internal/external system can benefit greatly from an SDK. The data that is pulled from a company website can include order information, customer profiles, shipping addresses, and more. From internal to external, the data includes customer order statuses, product inventory, pricing, and more. Having a centralized location to manage all of your data in real-time is key. Speak to a Clarity representative today to learn more.

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