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Creating an Omni-Channel B2B eCommerce Experience 

Giving B2B buyers a fluent shopping experience

B2B buyer experienceBeing able to provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers is critical to your B2B business’s future. According to Forrester’s 2014 study “Building the B2B Omni-Channel Commerce Platform of the Future,” 83 percent of B2B businesses think that an omni-channel strategy can have a major positive impact on a company’s long term success. While it is easy to establish that you need to give your buyers a seamless experience, it can be a little more difficult to provide it. However, there are many way to set up your eCommerce site to provide your customers with a seamless experience that will keep them coming back for me. Below are some of the ways to help your B2B business create a fluent purchasing experience for buyers.

Omni-Channel Capabilities

In order to create a seamless buying experience, you must first choose an eCommerce platform and site that has built in omni-channel capabilities or can be customized to add them. You need to be able to present a consistent and clear message through every channel that you use. You need your site to work with whatever device it is being used on and recognize what user is currently viewing it and personalize its content to fit that viewer’s wants. Selecting the right eCommerce and site platform with omni-channel capabilities helps you give your customers the seamless experience that they expect.

Responsive Web DesignResponsive Web Design

Responsive web design refers to a site being designed to be able to modify itself to work best on whatever device the visitor is viewing it on. You only have to have one site with one code instead of having to create specific sites for different devices. It works by recognizing what device the visitor is viewing your site on and adjusting accordingly. No matter if a customer is viewing your site on their smartphone, tablet, or computer; your site will be able to adjust accordingly for optimal viewing. This allows for customers to be able to easily access your site and be provided with the same experience no matter what device they are viewing it on.

Cross Device Tracking

Cross device tracking is a tool to help you identify a frequent or occasional website visitor across multiple devices. It helps you discover that a particular person using their work computer to access your site is also using their smartphone or tablet. Cross device tracking helps you personalize and retarget for that visitor. This can help increase the visitors interest and give them the omni-channel experience that they want.

Personalized experiencePersonalization

Another large part of providing customers with a seamless experience is personalization. Using dynamic content that changes depending on the website viewer helps your display relevant information that the visitor is more interested in than generic information and product that would usually be displayed. Showing the shopper this personalized version helps create a better, more customized shopping experience that will increase the odds of them shopping with you again.

Clarity Can Help

For nearly a decade Clarity Ventures has been helping B2B businesses implement technologies that help their businesses succeed. Our team of experts has helped many of our clients personalize and provide an omni-channel experience for their customers. To learn more about Clarity and how we can help your B2B business provide a seamless shopping experience for its customers, call or click to contact us today!