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Whether your company operates on an intranet or extranet system, the ability to share and store customer information and other secure data is a high priority. Security issues can lead to problems not just for your company but for your customers as well. Below are several strategies for sharing secure information over an intranet or extranet system.

Secure Information Sharing System: Intranet

ecommerce security: intranet and extranet

A company intranet system is one of the safest and most reliable ways to share secure information across departments. Companies that handle a large amount of financial data can especially benefit from the resources a secure intranet connection provides. When handling financial data across an intranet system, a company may decide to add a new module and page for financial data, or even create an entire intranet system that is financially-based.

One of the perks of a secure intranet system is its dashboard capability. A dashboard allows the intranet to communicate with ERP and CRM systems and pull up-to-date financial information. It can also automatically generate financial reports and email them to the relevant parties. A secure intranet connection will contain several encryption methods, SSL technology, and a variety of access steps.

Secure Information Sharing System: Extranet

A company extranet system allows you to share information with satellite locations, business partners, clients, vendors, or suppliers in any location while keeping your information in isolation from all other internet users. The security measures taken for an extranet system are similar to those of an intranet system. Secure extranet systems can also benefit from different user access levels.

Does Your Business Need an Intranet or Extranet System?

The larger your business grows, the more likely you are to require both intranet and extranet systems for sharing secure information.

The larger your business grows, the more likely you are to require both intranet and extranet systems for sharing secure information. If you primarily communicate only across personnel or departments, then a carefully-designed intranet system will enhance your efficiency and safety while reducing staff time. If you frequently find yourself communicating with partners and vendors, such as in a business-to-business setting, then you’ll want to consider an extranet system. Speak to Clarity today about the secure information-sharing system that is right for your business.

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