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Developing an ASP.NET website that complies with your technical specifications and one that is successful in the search engines is, at times, a tall order. Especially within the ASP.NET community, a constant question looms: How can we best develop the website for SEO?

There are several elements of a site that will help it succeed in the search engines, and consequently acquire more traffic, sales, revenue, etc.

Make Page Elements Easy to Control

Whether you're using an existing content management system such as DNN Evoq, or you're building a proprietary platform for your company, make sure that your team is able to edit page elements easily and quickly. Here is just a sample of what you'll want editable for SEO purposes:

  • Page title
  • Headers (H1, H2s, H3s)
  • Content: including text, images, links, etc.

When your website is editable on a page level, it makes the speed of optimization much better than otherwise. A ton of benefit will come from using pages on your website to specifically target the keyword terms that are important to your business.

Move, Minimize, or Eliminate ViewState

Many websites, especially on the ASP.NET framework, have a block of alphanumeric code on the pages of the website called ViewState. This code, especially at the top of the rendered source, can be distracting for crawlers/search engines and will sometimes push down the rest of the content. There are a few ways to fight against this:

  • Move the ViewState to lower on the page
  • Minimize the size of the ViewState code
  • Develop the site so that it doesn't require ViewState in the source

All of these tactics will help fight against the ugly ViewState and assist your company in achieving its SEO goals.

Render All Content Server-Side

While "content is king" for SEO optimization, not all content is created equal. In order to make your site most friendly to search engine crawlers, the content will need to be crawlable in the source in order to fully benefit your website. Make sure that when you develop your site, the content is rendered in the source.

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