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Sitefinity and Salesforce Integration for eCommerce Businesses 

Integrating Sitefinity CMS and Salesforce CRM to better market and sell to customers

IntegrationIntegration: while it is valuable for brick and mortar businesses, it is essential for any enterprise eCommerce business that wants to grow and succeed. Integrations make it so that your employees don’t have to worry about simple, repetitive tasks and instead focus on jobs that will make a real impact on the business. An integration that has become increasingly important is the integration between your content management system (CMS) and your customer relationship management (CRM) software. A CMS-CRM integration can automatically transfer valuable customer data and information, allowing salespeople to focus on making connections and sales instead of manually re-keying data. Two of the leading software applications in each field is Salesforce CRM and Sitefinity CMS, and luckily Sitefinity has created a connector that allows you to seamlessly integrate the two.

Using Sitefinity Connector for Salesforce 

The key to a seamless integration between Sitefinity and Salesforce is Sitefinity’s CMS Connector for Salesforce. Telerik Sitefinity created the connector to help your business’s salespeople and marketers gain and access insight into your customers and their buying behaviors and use that information to market and sell better and more efficiently.

Sales FunnelCollecting Lead Information 

A Sitefinity and Salesforce integration makes collecting and keeping track of leads and their information easy. The Sitefinity Connector enables you to automatically transfer information collected by your Sitefinity website to your Salesforce CRM software. From there, the information is used to create or update a customer’s record in your Salesforce CRM software. This information can then be used to learn more about leads and figure out which are most promising and worth pursuing. Whether it is an email address entered into a request for more information form or tracked activity, the integration will ensure that your salespeople can easily access lead data through Salesforce.

Personalizing Customers’ Content and Experience 

Integrating Salesforce with Sitefinity creates a multitude of marketing and sales opportunities for your eCommerce business. The integration can help you employ a powerful and proven strategy: personalization. After all of the information is collected by the CMS and sent to the CRM, it is used to create and update customer profiles and segments. Then that information can be transferred back to the CMS so that when customers log onto your site, they will be shown relevant content based on their previous visits and purchases. A Sitefinity and Salesforce integration helps your eCommerce business better target your customers and show them items and content that they have an actual interest in.

Clarity Can Help

At Clarity, we know how vital integration can be for a business. From streamlining processes to helping sales people better do their jobs to providing customers with a more customized experience, integrations help your business thrive. Our team of expert developers has helped many of our clients integrate their business systems with their websites to help their businesses succeed. To find out more, please visit our Salesforce Integration Resource Center.