Sugar CRM eCommerce Integration with Clarity eCommerce

How Teams Leverage Sugar CRM eCommerce Integrations

Clarity and Sugar CRM integrations boost eCommerce efficiencySeveral of Clarity’s clients take advantage of Sugar’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Companies ranging from Chevrolet to local barbershops utilize Sugar CRM to optimize their business operations. When smart teams truly want to maximize their efficiencies, they integrate CRM and eCommerce platforms to do just that. Typically, the thought leadership behind integrating the two platforms surrounds automating workflows. Integrated workflows can improve all aspects of your business from business development to executive decision making. When clients integrate the Clarity eCommerce platform to their Sugar CRM, they receive a multitude of benefits.

Models for Integrating Sugar CRM into eCommerce Sites

Clarity eCommerce improves Sugar CRM interactionsThere are multiple models for companies to integrate Sugar CRM into their eCommerce platforms. Every business has their own unique obstacles, and integrations can solve these issues. In order to take full advantage of integration solutions, Clarity suggests organizations conduct a needs analysis. Teams can do this independently, or with Clarity’s expertise. After performing the examination, companies tend to take advantage of the following models below:

  • Demand Generation. Companies identify different inbound and outbound lead sources, and they must have the ability to track these with the associated performance. Leads should dynamically funnel into the CRM for tracking and review. Then, they are assignment to specialized sales team members and automated marketing drip campaigns. 

  • Filtering and sorting leads. Sales reps, managers, and marketing managers need to determine the filtering and sorting of leads based on their potential for interest and close. These leads must be enriched with activity data from individuals who visit the site, abandon carts, or produce any other business decision making criteria, etc. 

  • Workflow process. After a customer purchases an item(s), the ideal workflow process will move the order into fulfillment and services. Now, any order tracking data indicating an issue with a shipment or return request from a customer will feed into the services section dynamically within Sugar CRM via the eCommerce site request(s). 

  • Shipping and warehouse data. External shipping and warehouse ordering information can be pulled into the Sugar CRM for status notifications. Order details will need to be available for customers to look up and review past purchases and possibly clone a previous order instantaneously


Clarity and Sugar

Clarity and Sugar have worked seamlessly together to provide the best optimization for your organization. Clarity’s expertise in integrating Sugar CRM with eCommerce can help pay significant dividends to your business. Please connect with a consultant today, and discover how we can benefit your team.