The Best Way to Integrate Netsuite

Maximize Your Organization's E-Commerce Efficiency


Clarity | Netsuite and e commerce combination Employee inefficiency and lost sales leads can be costly, especially over time. Yet this is inevitably what happens when the tools and programs used across an organization are not integrated in a cohesive and functional manner. Without program integration, the conditions are ripe for a breakdown in communication between individuals or departments, the continuation of repetitive tasks which in turn sap employee productivity; a situation where qualified leads slip through the cracks of a porous sales funnel.

Netsuite is an effective CRM and ERP management tool. However, to call it the epidomy of efficiency is hyperbole unless the software is fully integrated with other tools throughout the organization, especially your eCommerce platform. Netsuite E-Commerce integration is the most effective way to both maintain and curate qualified leads in your effort to drive revenue from your online shopping cart.

Let's look how a Netsuite integration with your online commerce platform saves you time and money. Then we'll go over the strengths and weakness of Netsuite and discuss how building an effective online store integration with your CRM/ERP program can effectively capitalize on the software's strengths and eliminate its weaknesses.


How Integration Saves You Money and Time


e-commerce infographic netsuite ecommerce integration for web store shopping cart | ClarityCustomers have a lot of questions, especially for an enterprise business to business company that does a lot of acquisition and sales online. As you may well know, it can be exceedingly difficult to keep up with who has called, what their issue was, who they talked to and whether or not their issue was resolved.

It takes a lot of monotonous manual input by your employees to keep up with it all and, if they're particularly busy and productive employees, they can forget to input key information into the software that the rest of your organization will need to know. For this reason, many customers become needlessly disillutioned and slip away almost unnoticed, leaving your team scrambling to figure out why. A simple yet effective way to remedy this potential CRM nightmare is a Netsuite integration with your customer portal in order to automate the maintenance of customer support and customer account information.

Aside from saving your employees time and mitigating the potential to lose customers, the fluid integration and acquisition of data can turn out to be an immense resource for increasing revenue while decreasing costs. With the rise of big data, called the "next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity," the ability to acquire and make sense of data has become a key competitive advantage and differentiator across enterprise level businesses.

Big Data is inherently messy, coming from a variety of tools and programs used across your organization. This natural disorganization renders the wealth of data companies sit on useless as they miss important correlations and insights. Integration allows teams across an organization to view and make sense of all this data in a simple, clean and easy-to-use interface. Specifically, Salesforce data is supremely important as it allows you to spot customer patterns in the way of purchasing, product use and complaints. The acute understanding and interpretation of this data by savvy managers can increase the efficiency of the supply chain, spot consumer problems earlier and improve sales tactics. All of this either saves or earns the company money.

Netsuite Strengths as Sales Management Software


Netsuite is a cloud based CRM and ERP software with impressive digital dashboards that offer organizational flexibility. This program also offers role-based access as an additional layer of security, which is desirable for some organizations but may not work at an enterprise business that works in tight conjunction across individual roles. However, this is a distinct differentiation between Netsuite and other platforms such as Salesforce that makes this aspect a strength as an offering to managers who require such restricted accesability measures.

Netsuite also offers industry specific solutions, which is great for companies that desire some level of specification without full customization. Additionally, Netsuite is unparralled as a shopping cart for small to medium sized businesses. It has admirable integrations and functionality for eCommerce enterprises, yet runs into trouble when adapting to your specific business needs or when you need to scale up as an enterprise level E commerce organization.


Weaknesses of Netsuite's ERP and CRM Platform


The most common complaint against Netsuite is an abysmal reputation for poor customer support. On top of this, the charges for Netsuite's sub-par customer support are far higher than comparable ERP systems such as Salesforce. Because of these reasons, Netsuite's customer churn rate is astoundingly high.

To add on to customer support woes, the program isn't very intuitive, making it difficult to implement and use for the inexperienced. Additionally, its customization tools are both notoriously hard to implement and limited in scope. For a company with impressive market share, Netsuite's troubles are easily remedies if the company sees fit to focus on its dehibilitating aspects.

The Best Way to Integrate Netsuite and ECommerce


Netsuite is probably the best SaaS platform to purchase to run an efficient online sales for business to business and B2C enterprises. A fallibility is that your company can quickly outgrow the capabilities of the program. However, a custom built online shopping cart with Netsuite integration can bypass this shortcoming if it is built specifically to scale with your organization.

Custom integrations allow you to effectively utilize the impressive dashboard while avoiding the inability to adapt quickly to your business practices within your organization. The industry specific versions of the program the company offers allow for cheaper custom integration when you want to take your enterprise e-commerce business to the next level. Serious organizations will want to take this extra step to fully take advantage of the benefits of the ERP and CRM platforms.

If you're worried about the suspect customer support, a custom built NetSuite eCommerce solution allows you to easily bypass this downside as the development team will be the ones dealing with Netsuite's customer support 98% of the time. The best way to integrate Netsuite with your online shopping cart is to have the software integrated by an experienced development team who have done numerous similar integration projects successfully.


Clarity's Custom Netsuite E Commerce Integration


Clarity has over 300 years combined experience with a variety of web and eCommerce development projects including Netsuite assimilation to currently used software, platforms and online shopping carts. Clarity differentiates from competitors in that we offer customized solutions built in conjunction with the processes your organization is already using, unbeatable customer service and project management, and an affordable solution that returns your investment in a timely manner. If you're an enterprise business serious about beating your competition and growing your customer base, talk to Clarity about how an ERP and CRM integration can help you achieve those goals. 
To learn more, please visit the NetSuite eCommerce Integration Resource Center.