Top 10 Benefits of a WooCommerce Salesforce Integration


WooCommerce Salesforce Integration and How It Can Benefit You

Top 10 Benefits of a WooCommerce Salesforce Integration

Woocommerce is growing rapidly, and the sales platform is used by both B2C and B2B companies to display and market their products. Salesforce ranks as the top customer relationship management, or CRM, software. [1] Companies that use Woocommerce include at least 3.3 million active eCommerce websites. [2] However, WordPress integration alone is not enough. CRM software and Woocommerce applications require full integration with other business applications to provide the greatest range of business services and customer features.

How to Manage eCommerce Integrations with Salesforce and Woocommerce

Woocommerce users manage their content and web design with WordPress, and they can integrate Salesforce and Woocommerce through Clarity’s Connect Integration platform. Clarity’s integrations provide robust bi-directional and real-time integration for improving and automating business processes.  These processes include, but are not limited to login authentication, tiered pricing look-ups for B2B customers, automated quotes and sales orders, real-time inventory stock checking, pushing customer web behavior into Sales force contact activities for better sales insight and a whole lot more.

Benefits of Integrating Salesforce Software and Woocommerce

The top benefits of Woocommerce Salesforce integration vary among different types of businesses, but the following benefits rank at or near the top for B2B operations using the WordPress integration platform:

1. Better Lead Generation

Advanced data collection enables salespeople to develop holistic views of their customers and sales prospects. BI integrations can identify social media activities, product preferences and customer service and product browsing history. Salespeople can nurture their leads with automated marketing, timely reminders and information about new products. Assigning the right lead to the right salesperson is also important, and integration can automate this task based on employee skills, sales closing rate or the salesperson’s proximity to the customer for making a direct sales call quickly.

2. Understand Customers

Any company performs better when it cultivates customer relationships. Salesforce and Woocommerce integration ensures that no detail of customer website behavior goes unrecorded. The automated intelligence-gathering abilities of integration include customer transactions, website behavior, customer preferences, complaint history, login tracking, business concerns and external relationships such as social media interests.

3. Enhanced Communication

Integration increases communication options by offering expanded ways to connect with customers. Mobile-friendly connections enable sales staff to connect with customers from any location. Complete customer profiles make it easy to reach customers by phone, text or email at a time that’s good for the customer. Integration also increases interoffice communications among sales teams and between salespeople and their managers. Managers can guide their salespeople, monitor online and phone communications and even intervene at critical moments to ensure a successful sale.

4. Automation of Routine Tasks

Automation can boost sales by managing routine tasks automatically such as gathering information from multiple databases, tracking customer behavior, warning staff when human intervention is necessary and sending marketing messages based on customer profiles, seasonal buying habits and special events. Other routine tasks include collecting customer information, filing sales reports and checking out legal issues and contract terms from previous sales.

5. Amplified Customer Experiences

Integration connects Salesforce and Woocommerce features with back-end processes to enable greater access to all customer records and self-service applications, such as getting a custom quote, requesting a refund, re-ordering in bulk and more. The Clarity WordPress integration platform offers an incredible number of features that can deliver outstanding customer experiences, but integration is necessary to get the full benefits of these functions.

6. Better Team Management

Integration strengthens team management and collaboration. Roles are automatically assigned for managers and sales reps. Integration enables building custom interfaces that can used to manage teams. Automated data enables better hiring and sales rep training while providing the tools for salespeople to be productive from their first day on the job.

7. Seamless Catalog Management

Catalog management has never been easier than it is with Woocommerce and its product catalog plugins. It’s easy to create a searchable table, create custom catalogs for special customers, filter products in multiple ways and update prices and descriptions.

8. Web Design

Designers can choose from 39 Woocommerce themes and many CSS styles and website colors to customize their web design. Integration allows designers to use a company’s web design features in all content, web pages and marketing materials to create a recognizable brand.

9. Advanced Security

Full integration of business applications offers better security because all verifications and validations of incoming data are done outside the firewalls in the API layer before the information is integrated. Salesforce is the most trusted CRM software for security, and its capabilities include event monitoring, authenticating data using Transport Layer Security version 1.0 or higher, isolating unvalidated data and incorporating the latest strategies against phishing, malware and other schemes. [3]

10. Augmented Analytics and Reporting

Woocommerce offers a healthy range of analytic tools for eCommerce that allow companies to measure sales, customer statistics, peak delivery areas and the most profitable times of day. Coupled with Salesforce, which enables a unified view of customers, Woocommerce eCommerce integrations enhance analytics capabilities to extraordinary levels to build a complete profile of each customer. Authorized staff can generate custom reports on customer usage of products, seasonal buying habits and product preferences.

Custom Development

The greater your business needs, the better integration will serve your purposes by adjusting processes to your business instead of requiring business adjustments to use the software. The Clarity integration platform is used for Woocommerce and Salesforce integrations, but custom development can connect with other third party and business applications. Give Clarity a call today to discuss your Woocommerce Salesforce integration project.


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