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Top 4 Shipping Company Integrations for B2B eCommerce

The Big Companies You Need to Integrate With

Facts and benefits of integration with each

ECommerce B2B Shipping Integrations

Shpping integration with E-CommerceIf you’re selling a physical product, chances are that you use one or more of the Big 4 B2B shipping companies, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and/or USPS. If you don’t have any of them directly integrated with your eCommerce system it can be an incredible amount of extra work scheduling, paying for, and sending out each shipment.

You might even be set up with only of these carriers online, restricting you to one price when shipping your product. With shipping integration, it’s easier than ever to have access to all 4 carriers for your eCommerce offering.


UPS Shipping E-Commerce"What can Brown do for you?" With over half of all US shipments utilizing UPS, they are more likely to be the single carrier already used by a business. With 27 different services between US, International, and Freight, UPS has an option for most business needs.

UPS is also one of the leading shipping companies regarding green initiatives, including options for green companies to purchase carbon offsets to neutralize the emissions created during package transport. See more benefits of Clarity Connect™ integration with UPS…


FedEx Shipping E-CommerceFedEx moved into the eCommerce shipping space in a dominant way with its acquisition of Parcel Direct, which they rebranded ‘FedEx SmartPost’. Even outside of the eCommerce space many of FedEx’s operating units (distinguished by a different colored ‘Ex’) are recognizable for their specific services.

FedEx also made a deal with USPS that involves FedEx handling some of USPS’ air service. It ends up being no surprise with all that air traffic to see how FedEx is second only to Delta Airlines with the size of their air fleet. See more benefits of Clarity Connect™ integration with FedEx…


DHL Shipping E-CommerceAlthough started in the US, as of 2001 DHL became a German company, Deutsche Post DHL, headquartered in Bonn, Germany. DHL was acquired partly due to DHL’s expanding international shipping for eCommerce and has remained a cornerstone of DHL’s services, DHL has partnered with USPS for the delivery of ground parcels.

In 2013 DHL unveiled its greatly expanded Global Hub in Cincinnati, connecting customers from more than 220 countries. Together with DHL’s other Global Hubs in Germany and Hong Kong, the US Hub ensures a truly global reach. See more benefits of Clarity Connect™ integration with DHL…


USPS Shipping E-CommerceUSPS has been around in some form much longer than any of the companies listed here, pre-dating the country of Germany by almost 80 years. USPS is also the only service legally obligated to provide universal service at affordable rates. USPS integration can actually mean more than just packages, as many businesses also use USPS for mail-based communication.

USPS also has the distinction of being the only carrier that offers Saturday Service at no extra charge. See more benefits of Clarity Connect™ integration with USPS…

Integrating Shipping with Clarity eCommerce™ or Clarity Connect™

With Clarity Connect™, integrating your eCommerce platform, or even Clarity’s own Clarity eCommerce™, has never been easier for your B2B shipment needs. You can relax knowing that you offer the best of the best in shipping and parcel delivery. eCommerce shipping integration is just one small piece of what Clarity eCommerce with Clarity Connect™ can offer. Learn more…

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