Top Elements of a Successful eCommerce Website

elements of a successful ecommerce website

Your eCommerce website is the foremost deciding factor regarding whether your business will succeed. Displaying a clean, professional eCommerce web presence is paramount for securing trust and loyalty. Below are the top considerations for building a successful eCommerce website.

Well-Written Content for eCommerce Success

First and foremost, your website must contain compelling, well-written content. Grammatical errors and other content problems are a red flag for customers, no matter how excellent your product or service is. Moreover, your content must market your products well, providing clear calls to action and concise customer benefits. If you’re in doubt, turn over your copywriting to an online marketing expert.

Friendly Navigation

Can your customer find his or her way to the pages they need? Having a user-friendly navigation system will keep your customers on your website and ultimately will lead to conversions. Place all important pages prominently in your navigation bar, and always provide immediate access to the payment page via clear calls to action on each page.

All Payment Systems are Secure and User-Friendly

If your customer is paying with a credit card, adhere to PCI-DSS standards for both your sake and theirs.

Web-savvy customers always check website security before making a purchase. Making sure your website is SSL certified and your security systems are up to date will not just increase customer trust; it will reduce any potential threats or issues later on. If your customer is paying with a credit card, adhere to PCI-DSS standards for both your sake and theirs.

Good Customer Follow-Up

The final element of a successful eCommerce website is a streamlined method of following up with your customers. Provide them with a thank-you page, confirmation number, and order tracking number. Contact them if any delays occur, and follow up with them later to inform them of new deals and promotions.

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