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Creating CTAs for the Top of the Sales Funnel 

How to draw B2B buyers in using call to actions at the top of the funnel

Sales funnelFor B2B, the start of a sale is just as important as the close. When marketing and selling, B2B businesses must focus just as much of their attention on the top of the sales funnel as the bottom of it. At the top of the funnel, businesses should work on drawing in new customers, but not try to sell to them right away because chances are they are nowhere near ready to buy yet. In order to keep your sales funnel full, your B2B businesses needs to be constantly attracting new potential customers and gaining their information so you can move them through the funnel. The best way to get the ball rolling is to present them with great call to actions (CTA) that make them want to learn more.

Offer Valuable Resources

Your top of the funnel call-to-action needs to offer potential customers something that they will be interested in, which is usually interesting content or educational material that they can only gain access to through your CTA. White papers, webinars, and how-to guides are just a few of the pieces of content that are often offered to entice visitors to give businesses their information. There may also be resources specific to your industry you can provide thanks to your experience. Becoming established in this way as a thought leader is great for driving traffic and engaging potential customers earlier in the buying cycle. The CTA and content offered need to directly relate to the page that it is attached to. You wouldn’t want to offer a white paper about improving SEO at the bottom of an article about integrating eCommerce with ERP software.

CTA formDon’t Ask for Too Much 

When working on bringing in new leads at the top of the sales funnel, you shouldn’t ask for too much from visitors. When they click on your CTA to get the white paper, they don’t want to be bombarded with a form that has 10 different fields to fill out. If that does happen, chances are they will choose not to fill out the form, and your business will have lost out on a lead. When creating a form for a top of the funnel CTA, you should only ask for their email or at the most email, name, and company. They will be much more inclined to give this bit of information to your business in exchange for the content, and you will have a new lead to follow up on.

Nurture, Nurture, Nurture 

After your top of the funnel CTA has done its job, it’s now time for you and your marketing and sales teams to nurture, nurture, nurture. You can use email marketing and marketing automation to continue sending leads interesting content and information, and their response, or lack thereof, will help your team figure out if they are a promising lead or not. If they are a good lead, they can be presented with middle of the funnel and bottom of the funnel CTAs that can help move them further along in the buying process. Then, using lead scoring, sales people can be notified when a lead is ready to be contacted to buy.

Clarity Can Help 

For nearly a decade, Clarity Ventures has been providing B2B businesses with software, tools, and web development services to help their businesses thrive. Our team of experts has helped numerous clients create CTAs for every part of the sales processes. To find out more about improving your CTA and marketing for the top of the funnel, call or click to contact us today!