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Product Catalog User Interface without a “Buy Now” Option 

Creating product catalogs that can’t be ordered from directly online

Product CatalogeCommerce isn’t always black and white. There is large amount of gray that has continued to grow as the eCommerce realm has expanded. In some cases, a simple online choose and checkout just won’t work. There are numerous questions that need to be asked and answered as well as specifics that need to be hammered out before a customer can order the product, confident that it is exactly what they need or want. In these cases, it is best to speak with a salesperson before the order can be placed. This is where product catalogs with no options to buy come into play. These types of catalogs allow customers to get the general idea of a product before calling a salesperson to straighten out the details and finalize their order.

Product Catalog Product Pages 

Even though customers can’t order the product right off the product page doesn’t mean you still aren’t trying to sell the product and provide them with vital information about the product. The product page and user interface should still be designed to showcase the product, list its features, and mention the many benefits. The biggest difference between an ordinary product page and a product page with no option to buy is one button. Instead of a “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” button, there will be a “Request More Information” or “Contact a Salesperson” button that will open an online form that the customer can fill out and submit, which will then be forwarded to a salesperson. Below is an example of one of Clarity's client's, Thermal Wire's, product page listing the product's benefits and features with a button to request more information about the product. This is in almost every aspect a full eCommerce implementation, but without the checkout/shopping chart. 

Thermal wire product page

Configuring Orders 

After the salesperson has received the request for information, they will contact the customer to help configure their order. Salespeople know the ins and outs of the products and can explain them to customers, as well as help customers choose the right options to fit their needs. After the order is correctly configured, the sale can be completed offline, or in some cases, the salesperson can upload the order online and allow the customers to view and pay for it from their account. This option is great for customers that plan on reordering the same product in the future. This is a full eCommerce implementation, including a shopping cart/check out, with the only difference being that the customer cannot complete the whole process for the first time without assistance from the seller. 

Getting the Order Correct

The main reason businesses create online product catalogs that can’t be directly ordered from online is to ensure that the correct product gets ordered. When products are custom made, need to work with a specific product, or have to be printed with a certain design or logo, correctness and accuracy are key. Both the business and customers need and want to make sure that the product they are ordering is exactly what they need and expect it to be. Making a minor mistake leads to customer frustration, a returned product, and extra hassle and costs for a business. Being able to see the product on an online catalog while talking to a salesperson about what their particular specifications needed helps customers order exactly what they need. Below is a screenshot of another one of Clarity's client's, Prince's, product page that lists standard features and has an option to locate distributors of their products, allowing customers to see their product before going out and purchasing it.

 Prince product page

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