Using Business Intelligence to Engage eCommerce Customers and Improve Results

Improving Customer Experience with Business Intelligence 

How to use Business Intelligence to help satisfy your customers

business intelligenceThe term Business Intelligence (BI) refers to software and tools that help collect and analyze big data about your business and customers. BI tools are included in many eCommerce platforms and CRM and ERP systems, and are available as stand-alone products as well. The need for BI tools to help you track sales and customers is evident while the numerous uses for them are seemingly endless. One of the top uses for BI tools is to help you engage with your customers and present them with the most relevant information and products.

Show Customers What They Want to See

Business Intelligence tools can help you keep track of what your individual customers are searching for, viewing, and buying. This information can then be used to engage with those customers and other customers in a number of ways. When they are on a specific product page, you can show them similar items that other customers have looked at or ended up buying. When customers search with a specific term, you can arrange for the most purchased items to be presented at the top of the page. BI helps you show your customers the best product options based on what others bought.

Follow Up EmailsAutomate Follow Ups

Sometimes online customers get distracted and forget that they have something in their online shopping cart that they were about to purchase. Business Intelligence software enables you to see those abandoned carts, know which customer they belong to and send an email to remind them that they left an item or items behind. This process can be automated, allowing you to remind potential customers of their would-be purchases without using any manpower. 

You can also arrange for automated emails to be sent to your customers when you are having a sale on an item they may have viewed before or showing them an item that would compliment a product that they just purchased. Being able to send automated follow up emails is like having a virtual salesperson for your online store.

Send Intelligent Alerts

Business Intelligence tools can also help you send your customers the information they want the moment that you get it. You can give your customers the option to sign up for intelligent alerts to notify them about specific products or categories. They can be alerted when an item they wanted to buy is back in stock or on sale. You could also send them an alert when item they might be interested in is added. It is important to give your customers control over this feature, allowing them to select what they want to be alerted about, how often they would like to be alerted, and giving them the option to opt out any time that they would like.

Business Intelligence adjustmentsMake the Right Adjustments

Business Intelligence tools are all about showing you important information that can help you improve your business, business processes, and customer service. When you have a popular item that is being purchased often, ensure that it appears at the top of your search results when customers are searching for terms that fit its description. Also if customers are going to the second or third page of search results, fine tune your searches to show items that are being bought more often on the first page. Take advantage of the information that BI shows you and put it to good use.

Clarity Can Help

Clarity has helped numerous businesses take full advantage of their business intelligence tools. We stay up to date on the latest and most beneficial BI tools that can help our clients’ businesses succeed. Our team of experts knows how to get the most out of business intelligence and how to make it work best for your business. To find out more about what business intelligence can do or to schedule a consultation, call or click to contact us today!