Using Retargeting to Complete Sales

Boosting Your eCommerce Sales with Retargeting

Retargeting can help increase your sales and convert visitors into customers

retargetingWhat is Retargeting?

Retargeting is an online advertising practice where a company targets and advertises to internet users who have previous viewed their website. When a internet user visits a website that uses retargeting, the site saves that visitor as part of an audience and leaves a cookie on the visitor’s browser. When the visitor visits other sites that you are running retargeting ads on, they will be shown your retargeting ads because of that cookie. Retargeting is a great way to convert almost customers to actual customers.

Simple Retargeting

One of the most basic types of retargeting involves the definition of retargeting above. A cookie is left on the visitor’s browser which will make general retargeting ads appear on other websites that they visit. This type of retargeting helps keep the company in the visitors sight and mind in the hopes that they will become more aware of the brand and return to the site soon.

demographic retargetingDemographic and User Personas Retargeting

User persona and demographic retargeting allows you to narrow the focus a little bit and target your retargeting efforts based on age ranges, gender, location and other identifying qualities. This could allow you to advertise items for men such as ties and suits to men older than 25, or winter coats to someone living in New York. Demographic retargeting allows you to segment the market and be a little more specific when advertising to potential customers.

Segmenting by Point in Sales Pipeline

Retargeting using segmenting by the point that a visitor is or was at in the sales pipeline is a way to further narrow down your marketing efforts. By segmenting site visitors by where they are in the sales pipeline, you can present the most relevant ads to them. For example, if they are in the discovery phase of the pipeline, you can have ads shown to them that are more general and show information about the company. If they are further in the pipeline, you can advertise more specific information like promotions and discounts.

dynamic retargetingDynamic Retargeting

Dynamic retargeting is the most focused type of retargeting. With dynamic retargeting, you show them ads that present particular items that they searched for or abandoned in their cart. The ad could remind them that they left the item in their shopping cart or could make them reconsider buying the item that they had earlier chose not to buy. This type of advertising creates a very personal experience because you are showing them exactly what they wanted. That is also the reason why dynamic retargeting is usually the most successful type of retargeting.

Clarity Can Help

Retargeting can be extremely helpful for advertising, marketing, and sales. Using the right type of retargeting for your potential customers can make retargeting even more useful. Our team at Clarity has the knowledge and expertise to help your company create an effective retargeting campaign. To find out more about how Clarity can help your company with its retargeting efforts, call or click to contact us today!