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SEO Features to Look for in an eCommerce Platform

Why you need an SEO friendly eCommerce platform and features to look for

SEOA lot goes into selecting an eCommerce platform. From looking for one that can handle all of your products to finding one that supports all of the languages for countries that you sell to, choosing an eCommerce solution can be time consuming and exhausting. One area that you simply can’t forget about when choosing a platform is search engine optimization (SEO). The eCommerce platform that you select should be SEO friendly, helping new customers easily find your business and the products that they are wanting to buy.

The Need for Built In SEO Tools 

Good SEO helps raise your rankings on search engine results for words and terms that apply to and describe your business and products. In order for your site to have good SEO, you need an eCommerce platform that makes it easy to make your web pages search engine friendly, which is where built in SEO tools come in. Your eCommerce platform needs to come equipped with SEO features and tools that make it easy for your business and products to rise to the top of search engine results.

Page Titles 

The first SEO tool that you need in an eCommerce platform is the ability to create and edit page titles for every page on your website. Arguably, the page title is the most important piece of information on a web page for search engines. You need to be able to edit and optimize every title to make sure it fully reflects what is on the page. Below is an example of our eCommerce platform’s, Clarity eCommerce, product SEO details page, where you can easily edit the page title, as well as the URL, description, and keywords.

SEO Details


The next SEO tool that should be built into your eCommerce platform is a keyword-rich URL creator or the ability to create and edit your own URLs so you can make them keyword-rich. Search engines try to find as many terms that match the search words on your page as possible and near the top, having keywords as part of the URL signals to search engines that the page not only contains the keywords but is all about them as well. Be cautious not to stuff URLs (or other SEO metadata) with keywords, as the search engines have become very sophisticated and can punish such activity. It is best to allow your keywords to occur naturally. URLs that are short and easy to read also perform better. Choose a platform that streamlines this process as much as possible.


Another tool that your eCommerce platform should come with is the ability to create descriptions, not only for products but each individual page as well. Product descriptions and meta descriptions help provide searchers with key bits of information that will quickly let them know whether your webpage has what they are looking for. Below is an example of Clarity eCommerce’s product page SEO where you can easily create, edit, and add to the product description. Many platforms do not utilize the wealth of SEO rich content descriptions make available, so be sure this feature is included in whatever solution you choose. 

Product Description SEO

Clarity Can Help

Choosing the right eCommerce platform can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Our SEO experts at Clarity are here to help your business choose the right platform to help make your eCommerce ventures successful. Our platform, Clarity eCommerce comes with all of the professional SEO services that you need to help draw in customers and get your eCommerce site to the top of the search results. To find out more about Clarity eCommerce’s SEO features or to speak with an expert about using Clarity eCommerce to build your site, call or click to contact us today!