What is Tiered Pricing for E-Commerce Platforms? Business to Business Price Tiers

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Tiered Pricing on Ecommerce Platfroms

Build Exclusive Communities, Loyalty Programs and Membership Levels That Drive Traffic and Revenue


All ecommerce website visitors are equal, but some visitors are more equaler than others. MultiTiered online web stores segment web audiences based on exclusivity and offer unique incentives to these segments. Multi-price tiered e-commerce platforms have benefits aside of customer loyalty programs such as scope product access, wholesale, resellers, sales reps, contractors and affiliates. These are just a few of the many strategies that can increase customers, sales and revenue for your ecommerce solution. Let's dive in to a few of them:


Loyalty Programs

ecommerce loyalty program platform development | ClarityLoyalty programs are a huge part of traditional marketing strategy, yet this is somehow forgotten when a store moves online and sets up an ecommerce platform. A multitier e-commerce solution allows you to assign membership levels that are mutually beneficial for both the vendor and the consumer.The consumer gets exclusive deals, and the vendor acquires that customers' long term loyalty.

In fact, "loyalty programs can increase a brands market share by 20% and improve customer acquisition by up to 10% and 69% of consumers say choice of retailer is influenced by where they can earn customer loyalty." With such powerful incentives for implementing customer loyalty problems, it would be unwise not to implement a multi-tier ecommerce system to both give incentive to and reward loyal customers.

Member Levels and Exclusive Pricing


membership levels in multi tier ecommerce pricing | ClarityYou're probably familiar with Amazon Prime, where select customers who own the Prime membership are afforded free two day shipping for a yearly membership fee. Consequently, when Prime members are checking out, they see a slightly different interface when shipping costs are tabulated. With some handy calculations and deep knowledge of your consumers' behavior (check out this article on advanced  e-commerce analytics), you can offer attractive deals like Prime that end up making you more money in the long run.

Want to grow your membership program numbers? Simply show the exclusive member price next to the price non-members pay. This incentivizes acquiring membership as the customer sees the immediate financial benefit. This works very well for whole sale enterprises. A multi-tier online store solution can accomplish a variety of goals, be it more revenue or increased membership.


Affiliates, Sales Reps, Contractors, Store Within a Store


Contractors, affiliates and sales reps all benefit your company by pushing prospective consumers and clients to your online store. Why not reward them while convincing them to continue to refer new customers to you?

For example, you can give first-order discounts exclusively to new customers from a particular contractor. This way the client benefits by getting a good price on an item, you benefit by making a sale and potential long-time customer, and the contractor has the advantage of being able to offer something his competitors can't, thereby enticing them to continue to refer for you. This is just one example among many.

Furthermore, your eCommerce can contain stores within stores (see example below). What does this mean? It means product suppliers can have their own page that details all the products that particular supplier provides within the framework of your store. This benefits your product manufacturers in that, if customers prefer their products over others, said customers can find that supplier's products more easily. This increase their sales and, indirectly, your overall sales from your online shopping cart.

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Scope Products


Scope products are commonly used in governmental institutions where certain departments are limited to making purchases of pre-specified products from pre-determined stores. If you're an ecommerce website that has several account types whose access needs to be limited to certain areas of your site, Clarity's robust e commerce solution offers just that.

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