Why Enterprise eCommerce Typically Requires Extensive Customization

Do Enterprises Need Custom Solutions to Succeed?

Why enterprises need customized instead of off the shelf software solutions

enterprise eCommerce customizationEvery business is different. From small businesses to enterprises, each has their own specific needs and challenges. These issues become more evident the larger the business grows. Enterprises end up growing so large that a typical off the shelf eCommerce solution just won’t fully fulfill their business needs. The business tools and systems that they use require a great deal of customization in order for the business to operate optimally and stay competitive in their industry.

Specific Business Workflows and Rules 

The issues that enterprise businesses would face trying to deal with a cookie cutter solution that doesn’t allow them to create workflows specific to their business are some of the biggest reasons that they require extensive eCommerce and business solution customization. Off the shelf solutions aren’t able to handle the enterprise’s specific needs and don’t provide them with the necessary tools they need to handle their business. The benefits of having customized business solutions, including reducing internal overhead and providing greater customer satisfaction and experience, far outweigh the costs of implementing custom solutions.

Custom integrationsCustom Systems and Integrations

Another reason that enterprises aren’t able to just use off the shelf solutions for their eCommerce business is because they need extensive integration capabilities. Enterprises need their eCommerce, ERP, CRM and other line of businesses systems tightly integrated in order to be able handle daily business operations. Having their eCommerce platform integrated with their ERP systems allows enterprises to manage inventory, control customer pricing, and access product and customer data. Having a custom integration enables an enterprise to tailor the integration to fit their individual business needs.

Performance, Security, and Scalability

Extensive customization also allows enterprises to improve performance, increase security and enhance scalability. Customizing your business systems, including your eCommerce platform usually enables your eCommerce site to perform better and faster. Interactions with customers will be more catered and individualized leading to happier and more satisfied customers. A website that performs well by operating at a faster speed usually leads to higher revenues. 

As your online business grows, security risks and issues do too. Having custom solutions that help you monitor and update your security helps keep your business, site, and customer information safe and secure while your business grows. As for scalability, a customized solution is the best option if you expect your enterprise business to continue to grow. Most off the shelf eCommerce solutions can only expand so much before they begin get overwhelmed and fail. A custom solution will enable your eCommerce site to scale and grow no matter how many site visitors, customers, or products are on your site.

Clarity Can Help

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