Zoho CRM eCommerce Integration with Clarity eCommerce

How Companies Leverage Zoho CRM eCommerce Integrations

More than 8 million users work online with Zoho, and several of these individuals utilize Clarity’s eCommerce to enhance their current platform. Zoho has over 25,000 customers and is covered in media sources such as PC World, the Economist, Time, and Fox. Zoho customers experience achievements in a wide area of capacities, but nothing helps boost a platform’s efficiency than a successful eCommerce implementation. Insightful business leaders use eCommerce integrations to improve business optimization and work flow competences. Consequently, these integrations can improve all aspects of the business from marketing to engineering. When clients integrate the Clarity eCommerce platform to their Zoho CRM, they immediately receive a plethora of benefits.

Models for Integrating Zoho CRM with eCommerce

When companies take advantage of integrating their Zoho CRM and Clarity eCommerce platforms together, there are several models they can identify to optimize their businesses. Whether you work for a small or enterprise level business, every organization can constantly improve from a needs analysis. There are obstacles in every business, and integrations help tackle most of these challenges. Clarity is an expert in needs analysis, and has helped several teams take advantage of the models below:

  • Lead Generation. Organizations classify different inbound and outbound lead sources, and they must have the ability to track these with the associated performance. Leads can funnel into the CRM for tracking and evaluation. Later, the leads are assignment to specialized sales team members and automated marketing drip campaigns. 

  • Cleaning and organizing leads. Marketing managers, sales managers, and operations must determine the filtering and sorting of leads based on their possibility for interest and close. These leads must be enriched with activity data from individuals who visit the site, abandon carts, or produce any other business decision making criteria, etc. 

  • Workflow processes. After a customer purchases an item(s), the ideal workflow process will move the order into fulfillment and services. Now, any order tracking data indicating an issue with a shipment or return request from a customer will feed into the services section dynamically within Sugar CRM via the eCommerce site request(s).

Clarity and Zoho

Clarity and Zoho have worked seamlessly together to provide the best added value for your team. Clarity’s expertise in integrating Zoho CRM with eCommerce can help solve problems, generate revenue, and set your business up for success. Please connect with a Clarity consultant today, and see how we can benefit.