ZOHO CRM vs. Salesforce CRM

The Simple Solution or the Acclaimed Answer?

Helping you decide what CRM is right for your business

CRMSalesforce CRM and ZOHO CRM are two or the more popular customer relationship management (CRM) systems for improving sales force automation. CRMs are used to help a company connect with current and potential customers and create and more meaningful relationships with them. If used properly, CRMs have proven to help increase sales. When trying to choose to right CRM, most companies come across ZOHO and Salesforce. Both are great CRMs that can help increase business. However, one is probably better suited for your business needs than the other. Below are some pros and cons to keep in mind when choosing between ZOHO and Salesforce for your company’s CRM.


The simple solution


ZOHO CRM is designed to be a simpler, easy to use CRM option. ZOHO works best for small to mid-sized businesses with less complicated needs. One of the biggest pros of ZOHO is that it is much less expensive than Salesforce. It is also capable of integrating seamlessly with Google Apps. ZOHO enables your company to manage contacts, follow up on leads, and run, as well as analyze, sales campaigns easily. While not as customizable as Salesforce, ZOHO can be the better option for smaller businesses that are looking for a less expensive option that is simple and easy to use.


The acclaimed answer


Salesforce is one of top CRM systems in the world. Its database is in the cloud which makes your data accessible to you anytime, anywhere. Like ZOHO, Salesforce allows your company to follow up on leads and manage contacts. It also helps your business to run and evaluate sales campaigns. Salesforce is ideal for mid-sized and large business but is capable of handling CRM for a company of any size. A major pro of Salesforce CRM is customization. Developers can easily customize Salesforce to fit the company’s needs by using apps from Saleforce’s AppExchange or creating one specifically for the company. Salesforce can be considerably more expensive than ZOHO, especially considering having to buy extra apps for customization. However, Salesforce can be worth the extra cost for companies that want a CRM fully customized to their business.

Which is Better: ZOHO or Salesforce?


The question of which is better can only be answered with two words: it depends. If you are a small business that wants to keep track of customers, than ZOHO is probably the best for your business. If you are a large company that needs your sales activity to be available to you anywhere that you are, then Salesforce is probably going to be the best choice. The biggest factor in choosing the right CRM system for your company is your business’ needs.

Clarity Can Help


Our team at Clarity can help you chose which CRM tool is best for your business. Using Clarity Connect Integration, our team can integrate ZOHO CRM or Salesforce CRM into your system and customize it to best fit the needs of your company.


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