In this time of volatile stock markets and economic reports, it’s good to see an industry with consistent growth. eCommerce sales continue to gain share of total retail sales numbers in the US. In the second quarter of 2011 eCommerce sales were up 17.6% year over year, while total retail sales increased 4.6% in the same period (According to the U.S. Census Bureau). In the graph below you can see a clear trend. eCommerce sales are showing consistent growth since 2002. These percentages total at $44.2 billion in eCommerce sales in Q2 of 2011. As online shopping becomes more popular and companies are able to offer better shopping experiences, these numbers look like they will continue to stick to this trend for years to come. 

eCommerce 2Q 2011
Credit to the US Census Bureau - eCommerce 2Q 2011

For the entire year period of 2010, eCommerce sales were up 14.8% in 2009. The trend is clear, and the field is getting more competitive. Amazon, eBay, and other companies have been very successful in their specific areas of the market. Clarity understands this trend, and helps our clients every day to become more dominant in their areas of business by selling online. Clarity has developed many custom eCommerce websites for our clients that have seen great success. We specialize in ASP.Net eCommerce, .Net eCommerce, and more. Contact us if you’d like a consultation on how eCommerce development can help your business.

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