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It may still be an employer’s market, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to find talent, no matter what industry you’re in. Fortunately, there are ways you can use your website to make sure the right candidates find you, trust you, and ultimately decide you’re the company for them. Follow a few simple guidelines and you’ll be well on your way to recruiting the pros like a…pro.

1. Put a Separate “Careers” Section on Your Website

If you’re a larger company and you hire frequently, then having a separate “Careers” section for your website is an absolute must. This tells prospective employees that you care enough about their potential happiness to address questions and concerns before they even apply for a job. It’s also where you can showcase your company’s culture and benefits, post openings for new jobs, and provide the easiest possible application path.

2. Use an Online Application

Online applications aren’t just more convenient for job candidates; they also make your website – and therefore your entire company – more professional. And the secret is, they’re easy to integrate! Services like Jobscore are already set up for integration with your website. Or go the extra mile and build an internal system.

3. Have a Compelling Company Image

This is especially important if you’re trying to attract a young, tech-savvy workforce. When I look at a company – and this is as a prospective employee or a consumer – I care just as much about who they are as I do about the services they provide. So be witty, be trendy, or be traditional – just be an accurate reflection of who you want your employees to be. If you go on company outings, explain that. If you offer a flexible work-from-home policy, explain that too. If an excellent candidate is waffling between two jobs, I guarantee they’ll look to the company culture as the differentiating factor.

4. Integrate a “Refer a Friend” Button

This is another one of those easy solutions that not enough businesses implement. Let your current employees identify and refer job candidates by using a “Refer a Friend” button. And don’t forget social media integration!

5. Allow Candidates to Self-Assess

Before a candidate applies for a job, provide them with the option of taking a self-assessment quiz. They may just decide, after taking it, that they’re not right for the job – and this will save both your time and theirs.

6. Make Your Application Process Unique

Do something to make your application process unique. Maybe you can allow candidates to use a video introduction. Maybe you can ask them to mention one weird fact about themselves. Maybe you can ask them to post a link to their favorite dog-in-a-sweater photo. I don’t care what it is; just do something that makes you stand out. And of course, this will allow a job candidate to stand out, too. In a sea of formulaic cover letters and resumes, they’ll find it refreshing, and so will you.

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