how erp integration can help your business

There are so many ways ERP integration can help businesses with their bottom line that it’s hard to choose a simple top five. However, after careful consideration we’ve come up with a solid list. If you’re not sure whether ERP integration is worth it, then read on to learn about our favorite ways in which ERP integration can help your business achieve its goals.

Data Integration

Data, data, data. Your business is swimming in it. From what customers purchase to where they come from, and from manufacturing costs to shipping taxes, you’re likely to encounter so much data on any given day that you’re bound to feel a little overwhelmed. What should you do with all of it? Just let your ERP system do its job. The key thing to remember about ERP data integration systems is that they don’t just capture data; they integrate it. This means they can remove duplications and interpret the data in a way that will aid your business’s bottom line. On a similar note:

People From Different Departments Can Access What they Need, When They Need It

As ERP systems have evolved, their prices have fallen, and we have long since reached the tipping point that makes ERP integration worth the investment and then some.

ERP systems can be customized until they’re so zeroed in on your business’s needs that you’ll think there are secret elves doing part of the work for you. Part of this responsiveness to needs means allowing the right personnel access to the data they need. It improves efficiency across the board, allowing your team to address specific needs, issues, or strategies as they arise.

Cost Reduction

ERP systems used to be costly, especially when considering the amount of time it would take to train your staff for compliance. However, as ERP systems have evolved, their prices have fallen, and we have long since reached the tipping point that makes ERP integration worth the investment and then some. Their ability to automate lengthy processes and improve efficiency is matched only by their ability to help you make more informed business decisions.

Marketing Help and Predictions

With the push of a button, an ERP system can tell you what people are purchasing, who is referring them, where customers are coming from, what else they purchase, and more. This invaluable data will drive your marketing strategy decisions moving forward, as you adjust your message to suit the personalities and desires of your audience. Think of it as your own personal market researcher.

Managing Customer Relationships

Your customers are looking for a positive experience, which means so much more than simply enjoying your product. They want to feel listened to and cared for throughout the entire purchasing process. This means having a responsive ticket tracking system; a reliable confirmation page; and the ability to follow up with and respond to your customer. ERP systems can automate all of these relationship management processes. And if you take care of your relationships, you may just have a loyal customer for life.

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